Cheese Prices Skyrocket to Record Heights

It seems that the pandemic is causing another casualty at our grocery stores.  

Thanks to COVID-19 we have seen major fluctuations in almost every non-government regulated item at our grocery stores. We originally noticed how restaurants weren’t ordering their foods in bulk anymore because they had to shut down so suddenly, steaks were half price, vegetables were almost free and cheese prices were at an affordable level for us to indulge in during this stressful time.

Throughout the pandemic, we also noticed how those prices dropped then suddenly shot up overnight. Vegetables were almost likened to gold and beef was practically unaffordable to the everyday person. What’s next you ask?

We’re starting to see cheese prices skyrocket, cheddar has always been slang for money, it seems its well-fitting. The pandemic has been perfect for businesses to enter into new marketing strategies though, like Dunkin Donuts.

Are the cheese prices rising really a cause for concern? Cheese is truly one of the most versatile of foods, they can be paired with anything. Utilized both in meals and snacks, they can be paired with your favorite wine, they can top off your favorite Mexican meal and there is a cheese for every flavor profile, whether the food you’re eating is spicy, sweet, or salty.


Cheese prices rise

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for the 2019 Nantucket Film Festival )

So, for some, the cheese prices rising can definitely be a severe blow to the happiness indicator in our brains. Science tells us exactly why, because cheese contains a protein known as casein and upon digestion releases opiates in our system called casomorphins that act upon our dopamine receptors which provides us that nice fuzzy happy feeling.

There is good news though, we just have to wait it out until the imbalance in production is over. Because cheese prices and other categories of food dropped early in the year when everything began to lockdown, many people began to hoard food and in doing so caused an increase in demand while the supply was constantly dropping because many food manufacturers had to furlough their employees.

So the cheese prices will return to normal, we just need to be a little patient. You can also treat your cheese-tooth by indulging in cheese snacks rather than actual cheese for now.


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