4th of July Sparkling Cocktails

Stroke of Midnight, photo provided by Cointreau
Stroke of Midnight, photo provided by Cointreau /

Sparkling cocktails put some fireworks in the glass for July 4th.

Throwing a July 4th party or just want a little fireworks in a glass? These sparkling cocktails make any occasion a little more festive.

Let’s get this July 4th party started with Cherry Bomb Mimosas. These sparkling cocktails get their cherry bomb color from cherry maraschino juice. Perfect for your Independence Day brunch.

Looking for a fun refreshing mid-day snack…try Snockered Champagne Watermelon. Who new watermelon and champagne would make such a spirited taste sensation!

Prosecco Mint Melon Balls are a fabulous treat too. Simply mix 1 cup of prosecco (cava or sparkling wine may be substituted) and 3 tablespoons superfine sugar. Place 4 cups of mixed melon balls (honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon – seeds removed) in a mixing bowl. Pour prosecco sugar mixture over the melon balls. Give the melon balls a gentle stir. Cover and refrigerate for several hours to chill the melon balls. When ready to serve, transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle with 1/4 cup finely chopped spearmint. Squeeze a couple of fresh lime wedges over the melon balls and gently stir. Serve very cold with cocktail picks.

Fun in the sun on July 4th means relaxing and that goes for the hostess too. Mionetto Prosecco offers delightful sparkling cocktail recipes on their website including one perfect for the 4th of July: The Sparkling Patriot that combines pear brandy, ginger, prosecco with raspberries and blueberries for the perfect red, white and blue cocktail. For gin lovers, their Summer Royal cocktail is a festive combination of gin, grapefruit juice and raspberry syrup with chilled prosecco. You can always top off your favorite summer punch recipe with sparkling wine.

Lemonade is always a welcome refresher on a hot summer day. Combine red fruits and lemon juice to make thirst quenching cocktails. Delight your guests with a Raspberry and Lemon Rosé Sparkler. If your favorite red fruit is cherries, make a Cherry Lemonade Vodka Slushie.

Make ahead cocktails are always a good idea for the busy hostess. Red, White and Bubbly Sangria can be made ahead and kept in a pitcher in the refrigerator, adding chilled sparkling wine right before service.

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What’s your favorite July 4th libation? Do you dare to sparkle on Independence Day?