Summer desserts that are red, white and blue perfection

I Love Ice Cream Cake, American Flag, photo provided by I Love Ice Cream Cakes, Play.Party.Plan
I Love Ice Cream Cake, American Flag, photo provided by I Love Ice Cream Cakes, Play.Party.Plan /

These summer desserts are as colorful as they are delicious.

From backyard barbecues to any excuse to have a sweet treat, these summer desserts are red, white and blue deliciousness in each and every bite. Whether you make a dessert on your own or get a little help from a restaurant, colorful desserts make every table a little more vibrant. Ready to grab a napkin?

Whether it is the Fourth of July, a summer picnic or just Sunday dinner, red, white and blue desserts often are the star of any table. Although many people think that an apple pie is the classic summer dessert, many people prefer colorful desserts. Even that classic bomb pop could be a tasty choice.

Probably one of the easiest red, white and blue desserts is transforming a cake into an American flag. With a few strawberries and blueberries, that blank canvas is easily transformed.

Since July is National Ice Cream month, why not transform that classic Carvel Ice Cream Sheet Cake into an American Flag. This semi-homemade dessert could make you the star of the party.

Building on that idea, Food Network has all types of American Flag Desserts. From an ice cream cake to red, white and blue meringues to many other options, the Food Network Kitchen App and the website is full of many options.

Also, cakes aren’t the only red, white and blue desserts on the table. Since dessert boards are popular, it can be a choice for summer desserts. With some strawberries, blueberries and maybe some marshmallows, any board can become an All-American treat. It is so simple that anyone can do it.

If even these semi-homemade treats are too complicated, why not just open a box of Bomb Pops that have that classic tri-colored celebration. That frozen treat always makes people smile.

Whether you try to unleash your inner baker, create a semi-homemade dessert or just by something festive from your favorite store, a sweet treat is always a great way to end a meal.

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