Easy cooking tips to make tasty fried chicken

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(Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival) /

Making tasty fried chicken is easy with these cooking tips.

When you take a bite of tasty fried chicken, it can be almost the perfect bite. From the crunch of the chicken skin to the juiciness of the chicken, each and every morsel makes you even want to lick your fingers. From National Fried Chicken Day to Sunday dinner, a few easy cooking tips can make your fried chicken taste even better.

Everyone has a fried chicken secret. Even Popeye’s has revealed a few of their tips on making their signature fried chicken. Whether you use that method or some classic herbs and spices, a few common cooking techniques are part of any chef’s method. If these ideas are tried and true, why shouldn’t you use them.

Here are a few easy cooking tips that to make some tasty fried chicken.


To add moisture to chicken, it is important to brine. Whether you use buttermilk, pickles or even  lemon salt mixture, bringing chicken in the liquid helps to keep the chicken moist during the frying. The type of brine depends on your personal flavor preference.

And, the brine can be used overnight. Although many home cooks might not think that far in advance, it is important to give the chicken time to absorb that liquid.

Bring on the thighs and drumsticks

While dad might always want the big piece of chicken, those thighs and drumsticks (aka the dark meat) are the more flavorful pieces of chicken. Also, those pieces of chicken tend to juicer. So, let dad have that chicken breast and you grab both thighs.

Fry and fry again

Double frying chicken can be a great way to ensure crispy fried chicken. Cooking once in a high heat helps to crisp the skin and get that crunch. A second fry, at a lower temperature will cook it to doneness. Just be cautious with this method. You do not want to overcook and dry out the chicken.

Bring out the Crisco

While you might not have a container in the pantry, Crisco makes for some tasty fried chicken. That vegetable shortening might not be as old school as lard, but it has been making fried chicken in households for decades. A classic works and should not be overlooked.

Don’t crowd the pan

Like any fried food, it is important to give the chicken ample space to cook. When a pan is overcrowded, the temperature drops, which can cause the chicken to absorb too much oil. Although it might not be social distancing, just don’t crowd the pan.

Let the experts do the cooking

If you aren’t ready to make fried chicken at home, remember to order out. From quick service restaurants like KFC or Popeyes to celebrate chefs like Art Smith’s Homecomin’ at Disney Springs, there are many places that have fried chicken that you can order and enjoy at home. And, while you are enjoying that fried chicken, you could get some ideas for your next recipe creation.

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