Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers celebrate summer’s brightest flavors

Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers , photo provided by Peet's Coffee
Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers , photo provided by Peet's Coffee /

Bright in color and flavor, Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers are perfectly refreshing.

With the sun high in the sky, beverages need a refreshing twist. Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers are a delightful sip any time of the day. The six, hand-shaken iced tea beverages are bursting with real fruit pieces and fruit puree. Whether you like a touch of sweet or a little more tart, there is a beverage that will make your summer a sip to remember.

During the summer, many fruits are in season. When picked at the peak of their freshness, that summer fruit is bursting in with flavor. While it is always a great idea to enjoy a piece of fresh fruit, these Peet’s Coffee summer beverages bring those summer fruit flavors to the hand-shaken tea experience.

According to Patrick Main, Senior R&D Manager, Peet’s Coffee. “Consumers have developed a palate for beverages that combine both flavor and fun. We have showcased a diverse seasonal flavor portfolio of real fruit, including vibrant citrus, and ripe strawberries, to infuse effortlessly into our Mighty Leaf Tea.”

The Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers for summer include: Strawberry Lemon Black Tea, Yuzu Citrus Black Tea, Tropical Berry Green Tea, Pineapple Citrus Green Tea, Citrus Hibiscus Tea, and Berry Hibiscus Tea. Each beverage is made with real fruit pieces and fruit puree.

Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers
Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers , photo provided by Peet’s Coffee /

Looking at these six beverages, the Yuzu Citrus Black Tea is the most exciting flavor. Described as “Mighty Leaf Summer Solstice black tea, hand-shaken with lemonade, refreshing yuzu puree, ice, and a slice of lemon,” this beverage offers the perfect summer pucker flavor. While a touch tart it, it is still quite refreshing. It offers a different take on the classic iced tea/lemonade combination.

Continuing another big trend for the summer, the Pineapple Citrus Green Tea offers a taste of the tropics. While that Hawaiian vacation might be tabled this year, the pineapple flavor can make you think of warm beach breezes.

If you prefer cold brew coffee to iced tea, Peet’s Coffee is offering two special dessert inspired coffees, Strawberry Vanilla Cold Brew and Citrus Cremesicle Cold Brew. Both cold brew coffees have a dessert vibe.

Available until September 1, these dessert-like coffees could be an excuse to have dessert for breakfast. The Strawberry Vanilla Cold Brew could the perfect weekend brunch beverage. Whether paired with some freshly made waffles or even an omelet, this cold brew coffee is delightful.

Overall, the Peet’s Coffee summer beverages show that fruit flavors are definitely the big summer trend. While citrus continues to take over many beverage menus, the flavors balance the sweet and tart, new and familiar. Even though this summer might have an unexpected feel, the beverages to quench that thirst are quite satisfying.

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What do you think of Peet’s Coffee Fruit Tea Shakers and Cold Brew flavors? Which one do you want to try?