Uber Grocery Delivery can be more than just consumer convenience

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In an effort to give consumers more, Uber Grocery Delivery is coming to select areas.

Uber Grocery Delivery is more than just an extension of the Uber brand. For consumers, it offers a service that is in high demand. As the world continues to pivot around the new normal, strolling down grocery store aisles looking for recipe inspiration is a distant memory. Today, food needs to show up at the push of a button.

Announced today, Uber Grocery Delivery will start in Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas later this month after launching in Latin America and Canada today. Grocery orders will be available via through Uber and Uber Eats apps.

Thinking about this business extension, consumers have shown that delivery services are in high demand. Whether it is a weeknight dinner, a huge feast or the weekly grocery order, these delivery services are more than convenience. It is can be part necessity.

Even though this year has proven to be quite unconventional, the changes have both positives and negatives for everyone involved. While many people might want pick their own perfectly ripened tomato, that option is often off the table. Still, a service that can provide groceries to the door is warranted.

While some foods have always been associated with delivery (I.e. pizza and Chinese food), now any type of cuisine, ingredient and food is available via delivery service. What grew out of convenience has become the norm. Whether that option is good or bad remains to be seen.

As Uber continues to grow and expand, it seems it is following what consumers want. According to the company, “orders (have been) increasing by 197% since March.” That number is staggering. Still, when there is a demand, a company needs to deliver.

Whether or not people return to brick and mortar stores remains to be seen. The ability to use delivery services to sell some items is better than closing up shop completely.

As Uber Grocery Delivery rolls out, it will be interesting to see how Uber sets itself apart from other grocery delivery services. Hopefully, consumers can specify how ripe that banana needs to be or the right thickness of the steak for your special dinner. Even though consumers want convenience, they want their food to be the way they like it.

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What do you think of Uber Grocery Delivery? Will you try it when it arrives in your city?