Katherine Schwarzenegger shows how a few ingredients can make many dishes

Rubbermaid Brillance, photo provided by Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid Brillance, photo provided by Rubbermaid /

Ready to get cooking with Katherine Schwarzenegger and Rubbermaid?

A simple idea can make cooking a breeze. Katherine Schwarzenegger and Rubbermaid have partnered in a special cooking class to show that a few kitchen hacks can help anyone gain confidence in the kitchen. Are you ready to get prepping and cooking?

If you watch any cooking show, there is a phrase that often is used, mise en place. The idea of everything in its place is important in cooking. Understanding and learning how to prep and store food efficiently is the first step to becoming a confident cook.

Rubbermaid, Schwarzenegger and food blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams have partnered to show everyone that a few ingredients can make many dishes. With this simple concept and a boost of confidence, even the most novice chef can feel accomplished in the kitchen.

Schwarzenegger said, “I have always been open and honest about not being super experienced in the kitchen and want to learn more, so being able to do that in quarantine has been a silver lining.”

With so many people exploring their kitchen for the first time, people can get overwhelmed. Although that picture perfect Gordon Ramsay recipe might be a goal, starting small can help build success.

Delk Adams said, “recipes don’t need to be difficult to be delicious. Sometimes a dish just needs a handful of elements to make the flavors come to life.”

Those ideas are the basis of the Rubbermaid cooking class. That old phrase of keeping it simple is a cook’s best friend.

Additionally, home cooking needs to be efficient and thoughtful. While many people have rotated one bagged salad from crisper to trash bin, that food waste is not beneficial. Having the right storage containers and learning how to repurpose ingredients in different ways not only keeps food waste to a minimum but also reduced food boredom.

In the cooking class featured on Schwarzenegger’s Instagram page, the class and recipes show how to use core ingredients to make a variety of dishes. With the Rubbermaid Brilliance storage containers at the ready, meal planning to storage is a breeze.

If you are ready to get some tasty cooking inspiration, tune into the class on July 9th at 1 p.m. EST. It help with tonight’s dinner plans.

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What is your cooking tip for meal planning and food storage?