National French Fry Day deals are a reason to eat more French Fries

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If you need an excuse to eat French Fries, National French Fry Day deals are that reason.

With so many National French Fry Day deals, it could be a reason to eat French Fries all day long. Whether you like a thick-cut, shoestring or even curly fries, many restaurants will have an option to satisfy that craving. Which French Fries deal will you choose today?

Whether Thomas Jefferson brought the idea of fried potatoes back from France or not, French fries have become a menu staple. While each restaurant tends to have their own recipe, people crave this side dish.

Over time, the French Fries have evolved. Some people try to make them healthier by cooking them in an air fryer. Some people have turned them into a meal with loaded fries. Basically, that fried potato can be almost anything.

With so many options on the table, the National French Fry Deals are just as tasty.

KFC Secret Recipe Fries

For just 30 cents, guests can get an order of these new KFC fries. Made with a special blend of seasonings, these fries have become extremely popular. While there are a few stipulations with this deal, it is worth the value to try this new menu item.


The BurgerFi National French Fry Day Deal has multiple offers. First on July 13, a regular sized fresh-cut French Fry comes with a half-price double cheeseburger. This deal is a perfect reason to visit a local restaurant and place an order for lunch or dinner.

Plus, BurgerFi isn’t ending the French Fry celebration on Monday, all week long there are French Fry deals. BurgerFi is offering a free regular sized fresh-cut fries when ordering from the BurgerFi app.

If you didn’t know BurgerFi’s fries are made with just two ingredients, potatoes and salt. It does to show that simple, good ingredients are always a tasty choice.


Of course, Smashburger wouldn’t be left out of the French Fry Day fun. With the purchase of any Double Burger, guests will get a free side of their signature Smash Fries. Which burger will you order?

Burger King

Via the Burger King app, there is an offer for a large order of French Fries for just $1. Check out the Burger King website for more details.


Via the McDonalds app, there will be an offer for free medium fries. The offer can be redeemed via mobile order or via scanning the code.

These National French Fry Day Deals are just a few of the options. Check with your local restaurants and locations for participation.

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Will you be enjoying French Fries today? More importantly, what do you serve with your French Fries?