KFC Secret Recipe Fries Deal is must for National French Fry Day

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If you haven’t tried the KFC Secret Recipe Fries, National French Fry Day deal is a good reason.

On National French Fry Day, the KFC Secret Recipe Fries become a permanent part of the KFC menu. To celebrate, KFC is offering a huge deal to encourage everyone to try this new menu item. This rollback price is almost like getting the fries for free.

When KFC fans learned that the potato wedges were leaving the KFC menu, some people were upset. That side was almost as popular as mashed potatoes and gravy. Still, the KFC menu change wasn’t done in haste.

According to KFC, the company tested “nearly 10 different cuts of fries and seasoning combinations.” After careful consideration, the Secret Recipe seasoning is the version that is used in Australia was the top choice.

For anyone who has tasted these fries, they have learned that the fries aren’t just another fried potato stick. The French fries are extra thick cut. Additionally, KFC uses a unique batter system.

The combination allows the seasoning to come through in each and every bite. Whether enjoyed with that iconic KFC chicken with its 11 herbs and spices or just enjoyed on their own, these Secret Recipe Fries could change people’s favorite side choice.

Since the Secret Recipe Fries have been available, KFC has found that guests are ordering the fries 12 percent more than the wedges. It could be guests wanting to try the new menu item and it could be people going back for more.

To give guests a really good reason to try the new menu item, KFC is offering a National French Fry Day deal that is too good to resist. Only July 13, the KFC Secret Recipe Fries will be just 30 cents. That’s right, just 30 cents.

There are a few caveats for this National French Fry Day deal. The 30 cent fries offer requires a purchase of a full price menu item. Additionally, it is one individual order per person, at participating locations.

Why not try the new KFC menu and taste the fries for yourself. It could become your new favorite KFC side.

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Have you tried the KFC Secret Recipe Fries? What do you think of the French fries?