1850 Coffee lets coffee drinkers trace their coffee to its origin

1850 Coffee is traceable, photo provided by 1850 Coffee
1850 Coffee is traceable, photo provided by 1850 Coffee /

1850 Coffee takes a significant step by letting coffee drinkers thank their farmer.

When you open a bag of 1850 Coffee, that robust aroma lets the coffee drinker know that a perfect cup of coffee awaits. From a dark bold roast to a medium brew, each cup of coffee is perfection every time. But, have you ever wondered how that coffee came to be in your coffee cup?

More and more consumers are interested in learning the how, where and why food arrives at their table. From the local farmer to better understanding the food supply chain, consumers no longer blindly pick food off store shelves. They want to know the story, purpose and background to the food on the table.

While the reasons for this increase awareness vary, one of the reasons is that people want a better connection with their food. The age old adage, we are what we eat still rings in people’s ears. It is more than just wanting to eat healthy; they want to connect with the brand.

1850 Coffee has found a way to connect consumers with its’ coffee origin. By using IBM Blockchain technology, the brand gives consumers a way to trace those coffee beans to the source. It is an effort to provide “traceability, efficiency and fairness in the coffee supply chain.”

According to Joe Stanziano, senior vice president and general manager of coffee at the J.M. Smucker Company “We know that consumers are increasingly interested in transparency in the supply chains for the products they enjoy and we have been committed to helping promote this as part of our coffee sustainability strategy, Our work with Farmer Connect and IBM not only helps connect coffee lovers to the producers who provide their favorite morning drink, it also gives them the opportunity to support these hardworking smallholder farmers and their families.”

1850 Coffee
1850 Coffee is traceable, photo provided by 1850 Coffee /

While this information does not change the way that the coffee tastes in the cup, it may change how people enjoy that cup of coffee. In some ways, when consumers are more connected with a product, they are more willing to support that product over and over. It is the ultimate way to increase brand loyalty.

The coffee traceability will be available on the 1850 Coffee 100% Colombian Coffee. The QR Code on each bag will bring consumers to the Thank My Farmer website. From that site, they can learn how the beans were grown, roasted, processed and exported. In addition, consumers can learn about local projects and how those farmers can be supported.

Maybe some people will change their morning routine and read the Thank My Farmer website while enjoying their morning cup of coffee. It could be more engaging than scrolling through that Instagram feed.

If you are interested in how your coffee arrived in your cup, consider trying a bag of 1850 Coffee. Maybe it will make a lasting connection to your daily coffee ritual.

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What do you think of the 1850 Coffee traceability endeavor? Do you think that brand transparency should be more available?