Doritos fans are being creative with Crash From Home

New Doritos Crash from Home, photo provided by Doritos
New Doritos Crash from Home, photo provided by Doritos /

Doritos wants to see fans Crash From Home.

For the last decade, Doritos and its fans have shown their creativity through a variety of fan created Super Bowl commercials. This year, the popular snack brand is asking fans to kick of the NFL season with the same enthusiasm as they have brought to the season ending game. Are you ready to Crash From Home?

Thinking back to Super Bowl commercials, many of the most memorable ones were created by aspiring filmmakers. Besides winning a big prize, this program has been a platform to recognize some talented individuals.

While this year has been unlike any other, Doritos is ready to hand over the reigns to its fans. As it prepares to launch its first commercial since the beginning of this pandemic, talented filmmakers will get an opportunity of a lifetime. What creative snack story will be told?

“Doritos has a long history of handing over its brand to consumers, building the brand together and elevating fans to get to that next level,” said Marissa Solis, SVP of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “Crash from Home embodies that same spirit, with the goal being to elevate and reward creative work in a way that’s appropriate for the times.”

As seen in the promo, it is more than just another funny commercial, innovative dance or some other visual that makes people laugh. The idea is to find the creativity that Doritos inspires and show your own originality.

No one is asking people to recreate a previous commercial or replicate something that everyone has seen before. This Crash From Home is about standing out in a crowd. Even when people like the same snack, everyone has their own way of expressing that love of that snack.

While the funny moments will have people talking, this Crash From Home includes recipe creators and crafters. Although not everyone will have the decorating talents of Bobby Berk, people can find innovative ways to upcycle that snack bag. Even a simple recipe of upgrading that corn on the cob with some ranch chips can get people talking.

Overall, this promotional event is about bringing people together even though there might be physical distance. Sometimes the simple idea of seeing people enjoying their favorite snack can be that moment of happy that everyone needs.

If you would like to submit your Crash From Home, please visit for all the details.

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What is your favorite Doritos snack? When was the last time that you pushed outside of your comfort zone?