Pepsi Cooler Claw makes socially distant drinking even easier

New Pepsi Cooler Claw, photo provided by Pepsi
New Pepsi Cooler Claw, photo provided by Pepsi /

When that cooler is just too far away, the Pepsi Cooler Claw puts a drink in reach.

From backyard barbecues to family gatherings, this summer has a different feel. When things seem just a little out of reach, the Pepsi Cooler Claw helps to put everything back into play. With this handy gadget, you don’t have to get up from that chair or invade a person’s six foot bubble.

For many people, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold Pepsi on a hot summer day. Who hasn’t stocked a cooler with beverages for everyone to enjoy? In years past, no one has thought about everyone putting their hand into a cooler. The biggest concern was the cooler centrally located to the buffet table.

Today’s climate is very different. From face masks to 6-feet distance markers, any limited gathering comes with a variety of provisions. How do you navigate all these new considerations?

Luckily the Pepsi Cooler Claw provides a solution. Borrowing inspiration from the household claws, this claw ensures a 32” extension to help keep that space barrier. Now you can grab the Pepsi and not invade other people’s space.

Usually the most coveted position during the summer is the Grill Master. Armed with tongs, spatula and meat thermometer, that apron is worn as a badge of honor. This year, the Cooler Captain could be the ultimate summer title.

From that cooler throne, one person can safely pass out all the beverages. From the socially distant barbecue to even the lazy day on the couch, the Cooler Claw makes life more relaxing.

Kyle Lazarus, Director of Marketing Communications at Pepsi said,  “We know that people are looking for safe and responsible ways to enjoy their summer. The Pepsi Cooler Claw is a fun and unique way to help them abide by social distancing recommendations so everyone can enjoy their ice-cold Pepsi on a hot summer day.”

If you are wondering how to get one of these Pepsi Cooler Claws, it isn’t available in stores. A few lucky people will win one via Pepsi’s Twitter account. Plus, the Cooler Claw comes with a supply of Pepsi products for the cooler. You can’t be Cooler Captain without any beverages.

If you are prepared to earn the title of Cooler Captain, try to win one of these Pepsi Cooler Claws. You could be the most talked about person in your neighborhood. There can be many grill masters but there is only one Cooler Captain.

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How have you made this socially distant summer more bearable?