Get Grilling: 5 grilled foods that will make your summer barbecue tastier

(Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi)
(Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi) /

These five grilled foods will make your next summer barbecue even better.

Move over hamburgers and hot dogs. These five grilled foods may not be the most common foods on a barbecue, but they will impress everyone who is gathered around the flame. Whether you want the convenience of just one method of cooking or want to infuse more flavor to the food, these grilled foods could be the star of the table.

As the summer grilling season goes into full force, Barry Frish Market Specialist, Culinary Development Baldor Specialty Foods, has many ideas that can turn your next grilling event into a tasty one.


While everyone has learned the hack of freezing avocados, an avocado can be grilled. The key to grilling an avocado is using a slightly under-ripe avocado. The firmness of that type of avocado helps with the grilling. It is important to remove the pit but keep the skin intact.

The char from the grill adds a touch of flavor to the sweet, richness of the avocado. Even a touch of smoke can add a lovely layer of flavor.

After grilling the avocado, serve the halves themselves or incorporate it into various dishes. From adding some pieces to a salad, creating the always popular avocado toast or even using the grilled avocado in a brownie recipe, the flavor from the grilling adds a new level of enjoyment.


During the summer, watermelon is everywhere. It is a summer barbecue staple. Like other fruits, watermelon can be grilled. But, a few grilling tricks are needed to ensure the best result.

First, use thick slices. While you do not want an entire watermelon wedge, the thickness of a good steak can be a guide. Second, consider adding a little lime juice or olive oil to the watermelon slice before placing it on the grill. Not only will it add some flavor, it helps with the cooking process. Lastly, remember to cook on both sides. Just like you flip the other items on the grill, don’t forget to flip the watermelon.

After cooking, remember to season the watermelon. Yes, adding a pinch of sea salt will bring out the sweetness of the watermelon. Also, a few pieces of fresh mint can make for a very refreshing combination.


The old saying, everything is better with bacon, applies to grilling, too. Now, putting slices of bacon directly on a grill might not be the best idea. As the bacon cooks, the grease can cause flare ups.

Still, bacon can be cooked on a grill, just use a pan. Some people can use an oven safe pan with a drip rack to cook bacon on a grill. Personally, a cast iron pan works well, too. Just remember to watch the grease.

One big bonus of cooking bacon on the grill; the house doesn’t smell like bacon all day. Although some people love that aroma, it can make you crave bacon all day long.


Probably one of the most well-known fruits to grill, pineapple gets even sweeter when grilled. As the flame hits the pineapple, the caramelization makes for the perfect bite.

While grilled pineapple is delicious on its own, it can be used in a variety of ways. From a variety of savory dishes to simple dessert to even a cocktail garnish, it can be a staple of any summer barbecue.


For some people, lettuce may not be their first food choice. Sure, it is healthy but some people do not instantly want to grab that big bowl of greens (especially when the grill is filled with other tasty options). Consider grilling the lettuce for both flavor and texture.

From Iceberg Lettuce to Radicchio, grilling those greens could change how you feel about the healthier food. The key to grilling lettuce is ensuring that it is sufficiently brushed with olive oil. That method helps to keep the lettuce from sticking to the grill. Also, it helps to create the char.

Whether served as a wedge or chopped into pieces, the grilled lettuce is delicious in a variety of dishes. Even served as a simple side to that big juicy steak, this grilled food will surprise you.

These five grilled foods are just a small selection of the many recipe ideas that can be cooked on a grill. During the summer, why not explore the grill, smoker and other outdoor kitchen options. Why heat up the house, when you can enjoy a day outside. With a little practice anyone can become a grill master.

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What are your favorite grilled foods? Do you try new ideas or stick with the traditional options?