Freezing avocados, why haven’t you discovered this food hack?

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Freezing avocados is the best undiscovered food hack that you need now.

Sometimes a great food hack is incredibly simple. Are you freezing avocados? While everyone seems to have a least a few avocados in their house, have you ever thought about freezing them? Once you discover this simple cooking hack, it will have you saying, why haven’t I done it sooner?

From guacamole to avocado toast to just sliced avocados, it seems that the green fruit is always on the grocery list. While it is one of the most versatile ingredients, it is important be mindful of food waste.

Although there are many tips on purchasing avocados and how to tell the appropriate ripeness, there is one aspect that many people do not think about. Could you freeze an avocado? More importantly, should you freeze an avocado?

Many people freeze fruits. From those extra bananas to seasonal fruits, stocking the freezer with extra fruit is always a good idea. While you can use some of those fruits in another loaf of banana bread or other dessert, frozen fruit is a perfect choice for a smoothie.

Since smoothies are a great way to get some extra servings of fruit, it makes sense to freeze a variety of fruits. But, what about those avocados?

Simply stated, yes, you can freeze an avocado. Before you throw the whole avocado in the freezer, you do need to prep it. First, cut the avocado in half. Then pit the avocado. Next, slowly peel the skin away. If the avocado is properly ripe, it should be easy.

With the remaining pieces of avocado, you can keep it in one big piece or cut it into slices. Then, store the avocado in a freezer safe container.

With this frozen avocado, it is perfect to add to a smoothie. If you haven’t put avocado in your smoothie, it is definitely something to try.

In addition to creating a luscious texture, it offers a boost of vitamins and minerals. There are number avocado smoothie recipes that are quite tasty.

Also, you could use the frozen avocado in some desserts. Remember avocados work well in brownies. It helps to keep them moist.

In the end, freezing avocados is definitely something to consider. Just like any other fruit, don’t let food go to waste. The freezer can be your friend.

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What kitchen hack have you discovered recently? Has it changed how you cook?