Ritz Cheese Crispers exceeds cheesy snack expectations

Ritz Cheese Crispers, photo provided by Ritz
Ritz Cheese Crispers, photo provided by Ritz /

Snack time just got a cheesy upgrade thanks to Ritz Cheese Crispers.

Ritz crackers are a snack icon and the new Ritz Cheese Crispers take a new approach to that crunchy, cheesy snack bite. Instead of topping that buttery, perfect cracker with a variety of toppings, this new Ritz snack packs all the flavor into the crisp itself. Ready to take a taste test?

For many people, snack time is almost as important as breakfast. That snack bowl of tasty goodness needs to satisfy a hunger or a craving.

While a Ritz cracker piled high with toppings is always tasty, sometimes you just want a smaller bite. At the same time, the flavor needs to deliver. A plain crispy cracker is not going to cut it.

The new Ritz Cheese Crispers continue Ritz’s snacking innovations. Knowing that people want crispy, crunchy bites, these snacks are the perfect combination between a cracker and a crisp. Still crunchy like a chip but buttery like a cracker.

Available in two flavors, cheddar and four cheese & herb, these new snacks are quite addicting. It could be the texture, but the flavors really deliver.

The cheddar flavor is almost like the perfectly crunchy bites from a grilled cheese sandwich. It feels almost like a piece of cheese, but crunchier.

The four cheese & herb have a bolder flavor than the cheddar. The herb hits and lingers. In a way, it seems like the combination of a cracker that has been smothered in a tangy dip. It is quite tasty.

While these snacks are meant to be enjoyed on their own, there are some ideas that could really push these snacks over the top. For example, breaking these Ritz cheese Crispers into pieces could make for a tasty coating on a chicken breast. It would add a lot of texture and flavor. It could be a new take on a Chicken Parmesan.

The new Ritz Cheese Crispers will be available at various retailers and online. A box will have a suggested retail price of $3.62.

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Are you ready for a snack that exceeds cheesy expectations? Grab a box of the Ritz Cheese Crispers and taste them for yourself.