Cape Cod Summer Chips are best enjoyed with a Sam Adams Summer Ale

Limited Edition Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips, photo provided by Cape Cod
Limited Edition Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips, photo provided by Cape Cod /

Summer is even tastier with Cape Cod Summer Chips and Sam Adams Summer Ale.

As summer entertaining begins, Cape Cod Summer Chips are definitely a tasty summer snack. Why not pair those potato chips with a refreshing Sam Adams Summer Ale. The flavor combination will be the perfect way to toast any summer celebration.

Chips and beer are always a great pairing. Given the various types of chips and endless varieties of beer, the pairing possibilities are many. The best pairings often find similar flavors that work together.

Last summer, Cape Cod partnered with Sam Adams on a chip and beer pairing. The concept was a huge hit. This year, the summer food pairing concept is returning to the delight of snack and beer fans.

The limited edition Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips have cracked pepper and a hint of lemon. The brightness from the touch of lemon is refreshing. The cracker pepper highlights the zesty notes of the lemon. If you are not careful you could eat an entire bag in one setting.

This year, the potato chips are paired with the classic Sam Adams Summer Ale. This beer has wheat notes with flavors of orange, lime and lemon. The beer is full of flavor yet not too heavy. On a hot summer day, it can be served with burgers, seafood or a big bowl of Cape Cod potato chips.

The chips and beer pairing works of the citrus flavors. Sometimes pairing similar, yet slightly different, flavors works. In this case, the lemon in the chips brings out the citrus in the beer. After eating a chip, it makes you want to take a sip of beer and vice versa.

Whether eaten on their own or served at a summer barbecue, this chip and beer pairing will be a huge hit. Since it is a limited edition offering, it be best to stock up on these foods before they are gone.

The Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips will be available on store shelves soon. Sam Adams Summer Ale is available in stores. These foods will be available through Summer 2020, while supplies last.

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Are you excited to try this chip and beer pairing? What other food and beverage pairings do you enjoy?