Walmart offers roast to order coffee and mornings got tastier

New Walmart Coffee Roasters, photo provide by Walmart
New Walmart Coffee Roasters, photo provide by Walmart /

Who needs an expensive coffee run when Walmart now offers roast to order coffee.

The perfect cup of coffee is the best way to start the day and Walmart is ready to deliver that delicious coffee to your door. The roast-to-order coffee options puts the retail giant into the artisan roasted coffee space. Now coffee drinkers have another coffee option for the perfect cup of java.

Available this month via, the program offers two coffees, Boca Java and Boulder Organic Coffee. The special coffees are roasted in small batches after an order is placed. Now more people will have the opportunity to enjoy artisan roasted coffee.

The choice of these coffees aligns with Walmart’s commitment to use sustainable sourcing. All “Boulder Organic Coffee beans are sourced from the top 15 percent of Certified Fair Trade, USDA Certified Organic farms.”

According to Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company, the company that owns these coffees, the customized order expands coffee drinkers’ options while keeping with the convenience that Walmart’s consumers want.

Douglass Barrow, co-owner and roastmaster of Luna Gourmet said, “We’re proud to partner with Walmart to make this curated program available to the masses for people to enjoy the distinct taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee. Coffee drinkers will know the difference immediately – from the opening of the box with their coffee in it, to their first sip – drinking coffee that was roasted just a few days prior is an experience they won’t be able to forget.”

When a coffee drinker is exposed to the flavor that artisan, roast to order coffee offers, she will learn to appreciate the difference. Although many people have come to depend on the push of a button to deliver a hot cup of coffee, those options might not have the full-bodied flavor that artisan coffee can offer. Still, the convenience made the choice the preferable option.

With this coffee option available via, both the convenience and the price will make people try this roast to order coffee option. Even people who have a favorite coffee might be willing to place an order at least once to taste the difference. It gives the popular retailer an advantage in the coffee space.

Looking at the prices for these roast to order coffees, there is a great value. Varying from $8.44 to $15.44, these prices are quite reasonable for the type of coffee being offered. Price is often a driving factor for people’s decisions. Why not spend the same amount of money on a bag of artisan roasted coffee versus one sugary coffee drink?

The roast to order coffees will be available at It will be delivered directly to consumers. Each bag will show a roast on date. More information on this program is available online.

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What do you think of this roast to order coffee option at Walmart? Will it change your morning coffee routine?