Chili’s is shaking up a Grand Sunset ‘Rita and you need to sip one now

Chili's Grand Sunset 'Rita photo provided by Chili's
Chili's Grand Sunset 'Rita photo provided by Chili's /

Let one sip of Chili’s Grand Sunset ‘Rita cool you down this summer.

While that beach getaway might be postponed, Chili’s is bringing those beach vibes to its special margarita for July and August. The Grand Sunset ‘Rita is a perfect sip on that hot summer day.

Everyone knows that Chili’s margaritas are tasty. That signature fresh sour mix is the perfect blend to tequila. From the classic margarita to the Presidente, Chili’s sells copious amounts of margaritas to its loyal fans.

Whether you enjoy a margarita with some fajitas, baby back ribs or just chips and salsa, that classic margarita is always tasty. It has been said that Chili’s best selling beverage is that iconic margarita. In some ways, that cocktail is forever associated with the restaurant brand.

Although the classic Chili’s margarita is always refreshing, the special margaritas are a reason to make a special trip to Chili’s. Almost every month, there is a limited edition margarita  that has people talking. From bold flavors to colorful sips, each special margarita has people rediscovering the classic cocktail.

For July and August, Chili’s is offering the Grand Sunset ‘Rita. This margarita is made from “Grand Marnier, Lanazul Tequila, Monin Desert Pear Syrup, orange juice and its fresh sour.” The combination of flavors is sweet and tart, just what people have come to expect from a classic margarita.

Looking at these ingredients, it offers an interesting combination of pear syrup and orange juice. While the color is vibrant and summer-esque, pear is often a winter flavor. Given that pears are usually a winter fruit, it is interesting to see this flavor used during the warm summer months.

Still, the combination of flavors is quite refreshing. On a hot summer day, who doesn’t crave a refreshing beverage?

Chili’s National Tequila Day offer, photo provided by Chili’s
Chili’s National Tequila Day offer, photo provided by Chili’s /

Additionally, with National Tequila Day on July 24, Chili’s will be offering three of its favorite margaritas for just $5. The special offer includes Presidentes, The Grand Sunset and the Dreamy Frose Rita. The $5 margarita offer is available all day long. Maybe happy hour could start at lunch time on National Tequila Day?

The $5 margarita special will be available both in restaurants and to-go options (curbside or pickup) where available. If you do take your premixed cocktail to-go, remember to wait till you are safely at home to enjoy that libation.

If you are ready to let a sip of a margarita feel like a dreamy beach getaway, head to Chili’s and try the Grand Sunset ‘Rita. You could dip your feet into your kids’ swimming pool and imagine that it is that infinity pool from a luxury getaway (or it could be a second margarita helping with that travel fantasy).

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What is your favorite Chili’s margarita? How will you be celebrating National Tequila Day?