Wendy’s Rewards has launched and fans are excited

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Wendy’s Rewards, your fast food loyalty just got rewarded.

Joining customer loyalty programs, Wendy’s Rewards looks to entice guests to place another order for a Baconator, chicken nuggets or just a Frosty. Will this new loyalty program make people order even more food from the popular quick service restaurant chain?

Some fast food fans are loyal and others are looking for the best deal. Whether it is a free food offer, trying a new menu item or rewarding loyalty for that additional purchase, the highly competitive quick service space is always looking for a new way to gain an advantage.

As mobile ordering as become the new norm for many restaurants, companies are using these services to highlight customer loyalty programs. If consumers are pushing a button to place an order for that cheeseburger, they might as well feel appreciated for that order. After all, who doesn’t want to feel appreciated these days.

To kick off the Wendy’s Rewards program, Wendy’s is offering double points on guests’ first order. Since $1 earns 10 points, this bonus offer could be a great way to kick off the program with a big point value. It could be a big start to earning a reward.

According the announcement, guests could receive bonus points for special promotions. Additionally, the special offers will continue to be available via the app and loyalty program.


With the influx of special promotions to entice guests to place another order, this program could be a way for Wendy’s to see which promotions hold more value with its fans. For example, if more people redeem a free fry offer, that promotion could happen more often versus a free cookie offer.

Even if the brand is tracking information, free food and discounts are a big incentive to many people. Given that guests are getting rewarded for food purchases, it makes sense to join the loyalty program. Why would anyone turn down the potential to earn free food or a discount?

In some ways, the brands without loyalty programs could lose ground to the brands with these reward apps. If all things are equal, why wouldn’t a consumer pick the option that gives them more value for their purchase.

Now that Wendy’s Rewards is here, it will be interesting to see how guests use the program. Could that free Biggie Bag be in your future?

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What do you think of customer loyalty programs? Do they impact your food purchases?