Buffalo Wild Wings creates the baseball atmosphere that fans are missing

Buffalo Wild Wings opening day promo, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings ©2020 Scott K. Brown Photography, Inc.
Buffalo Wild Wings opening day promo, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings ©2020 Scott K. Brown Photography, Inc. /

Buffalo Wild Wings brings the ballpark atmosphere to sports fans.

The crack of bat has returned, and Buffalo Wild Wings is ready to celebrate. While fans cheer for the return of America’s game, some of the fanfare is missing. Although there might be faces in the stands, they seem a little flat. Even though there might be some noise, where’s the iconic call of “beer here?”

For many people going to a baseball game is more than just watching a game. It is about that hot dog in the stand, the ice-cold beer and maybe even some Cracker Jack. Sometimes the best part of watching a baseball game isn’t the action on the field, it is atmosphere inside the ballpark.

Luckily, America’s Sports Bar, Buffalo Wild Wings, is bringing that stadium atmosphere directly to sports fans. Starting in Washington DC, BWW is bringing the best baseball stadium rituals to fans. With proper social distancing and mask precautions, fans can feel like they are getting the baseball stadium experience that they miss.

For many people, there is one call that makes every baseball game more entertaining. Sure, the color commentary is entertaining, but everyone wants to hear one voice above all. That call of “beer here” can make any baseball game just better.

While some season ticket holders know their “beer guy,” the man who brings that iced cold beer is often the hero of the day. They know your favorite order, they can joke with you about a poor shirt choice, and they are always there with your favorite beer.

From cheering an epic score to drowning away that huge error, the beer man always delivers. BWW understands and it ready to deliver, in a new way.

With those beer vendors on the sidelines, BWW is bringing some of the beer vendor legends to its locations. For example, at the Washington DC kick-off, Perry Hahn aka “RoboVendor,” Clarence Haskett aka “Fancy Clancy,” and Todd Georgelas will bring their beer slinging skills to the local.

At least with this beer delivery, you do not have to wait to have your beer passed down the aisle. This beer comes directly to you.

While an ice-cold beer is refreshing, it needs its perfect pair. To continue the ballpark atmosphere, BWW will be serving a Helmet O’Wings. No matter your favorite sauce or seasoning, you can get those favorite wings served in a special baseball helmet.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings opening day promo, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings ©2020 Scott K. Brown Photography, Inc. /

Just remember to use care when eating those wings. Spilling on your favorite baseball jersey is still a party foul. Plus, you don’t want to jinx the pitcher’s strike streak because you spilled. Superstitions still apply even if you aren’t sitting in the stadium.

This BWW promotion is a fun idea for America’s Sports Bar. It goes to show that with a little ingenuity, sports fans can and will have fun. It isn’t about the exact location, rather it is about coming together to enjoy the moment.

Sports are back and that idea needs to be celebrated. Plus, the line to the bathroom will probably be shorter at BWW than at the stadium. That aspect is a definite win.

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Are you ready to celebrate baseball being back? What is your favorite baseball food?