What do you think are the best hot dog condiments?

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What do you think are the best hot dog condiments?

From backyard barbecues to baseball games, hot dogs are a classic meal, but the best hot dog condiments can be a hotly debated issue. While many regions have a preferred hot dog order, there are a handful of classic condiments that always seem to be on the table.

Whether called a frankenfurter, a sausage or an encased meat, the hot dog is a classic food. Many kids grew up with it. While people might debate what is actually in a hot dog, many people consider it a favorite food.

Since it is usually served in a sliced bun, condiments often smother that hot dog. Unfortunately, that condiment debate can get quite heated.

While a Chicago native will give you the look of disdain if you dare put ketchup on that Chicago Dog, that one condiment isn’t the only hot dog topping that can be used. From the pungent sauerkraut to the neon green relish, the best hot dog condiments vary depending on flavor preferences, regions and a variety of other factors.

According to Grubhub, based on their orders, the five top hot dog condiments are:

  1. Mustard
  2. Onion
  3. Cheddar Cheese
  4. Ketchup
  5. Relish

For all those ketchup haters, they will be happy to see ketchup toward the bottom of this list. Truthfully, duck ketchup, gochujang ketchup or even sriracha ketchup isn’t bad on a hot dog. That extra boost of flavor can be a good thing.


It is interesting that mustard tops the list. It is probably the most common hot dog condiment.

More importantly, mustard can come in all different types of flavors. It isn’t just yellow mustard. There is spicy mustard, brown mustard and even dijon mustard. In some ways, mustard should top the list because of the variety availability.

Probably the most unusual condiment on the list is cheddar cheese. Sure, cheddar cheese on a chili dog is a great idea, but most people do not put cheese on a plain hot dog. Maybe this condiment could be a new food trend. Then again, maybe people just like cheese.

Lastly, it is sad that relish gets no love on the condiment list. Truthfully, the iconic neon green relish that is a ballpark staple is fun. Maybe people really don’t like the sweet flavor on a hot dog. One day, it might see a triumphant comeback.

For this year, this list represents the best hot dog condiments. Just like food trends, the list will continue to change and evolve. Maybe next year, this list could have some unlikely top choices.

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What is your favorite hot dog condiment? Do you ever eat a plain hot dog?