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Hamm’s Beer has found the ultimate grilling companion, Big Green Egg Grills.

The iconic Midwest Hamm’s Beer is getting the grill ready and it wants its fellow beer lovers to feed the flame, too. In a special promotion, the grill master in your house could get the ultimate Hamm’s drinking companion, a Big Green Egg Grill. Could you be the HAMMpion?

For some people, that iconic jingle still rings in their ears. From the land of the sky blue waters, that refreshing beer was a Minnesota staple. While many people loved sipping the beer as they enjoyed one of Minnesota’s 10,000s lakes, there was another reason why this beer connected with people.

Hamm’s Bear was a featured character in the beer’s promotion. That dancing bear had many adventures but he was always happy to sing about those sky blue waters from the Minnesota lakes. Today, those iconic Hamm’s Bear promotional materials are a collector’s item.

Although today’s younger beer drinkers might not fondly remember that Hamm’s Bear, they do enjoy a Hamm’s Beer on a hot summer day. Like many brands with a nostalgic tie, there seems to be a surge in bringing back the classics this summer.

Since this refreshing beer often goes hand in hand with grilling and being outside, Hamm’s Beer has partnered with Big Green Egg Grills for a huge giveaway. What would you do to become the ultimate HAMMpion of the grill?

The contest is straightforward, prove to the brand that you are the ultimate grill master. From the perfectly smoked brisket that spends 14 hours on the Big Green Egg to the mouthwatering reversed seared steak to even that grilled watermelon which is dessert perfection, everyone has a dish, recipe or secret that makes them the grill master.

For complete details on this contest, check out Hamm’s Beer on socials. 20 winners will receive a MiniMax Big Green Egg (with special custom Hamm’s temperature gauge.) The contest is open now through August 10.

If you aren’t familiar with the Big Green Egg, you need to be. That kamado style grill is perfect for grilling and smoking. Once you get a MiniMax you might want to get another bigger one (or so my husband convinced me that we needed multiple Big Green Egg sizes).

This summer, get outside and raise a can of Hamm’s Beer to the sky blue waters, bright skies and Big Green Eggs of the world. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures need to be celebrated.

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