Feel special every day because Starburst All Pink Packs are here permanently

All Pink Starburst packs return, photo provided by Starburst
All Pink Starburst packs return, photo provided by Starburst /

Starburst All Pink Packs will always be there to make you feel special.

The Starburst All Pink Packs started as a special limited edition offering and now that special Starburst color is getting its own permanent part of the candy line-up. Every day is a reason to celebrate your special self.

Over the years, the Pink Starburst has taken on a different meaning. While the tasty strawberry flavor was always a favorite, those pink candies became a symbol of celebrating your special self. From standing out in a crowd to appreciating your own uniqueness, it was a reason to focus on the positive in your life.

Since every day and any day is a reason to celebrate the happy in your life, Starburst has made the all pink packages a permanent part of the brand’s candy offerings. To kick-off this announcements, Starburst is offering a special self-care kit to give back to its loyal fans.

According to Justin Hollyn-Taub, Director, Fruit Snacks, “We want to celebrate the positivity and empowering message All Pink has come to stand for over the years. We recognize that our day-to-day lives have changed quite a bit this year — and we want to use this as an opportunity to encourage our fans to practice self-care.”

In this special all Pink self-care kit, Starburst has provided everything to many anyone feel special. From items to pamper yourself to a gratitude journal to celebrate special moments, this kit can be a great way to re-center yourself and focus on the best parts of your daily life.

Starburst all pink packs
Pink Starburst return, photo provided by Starburst /

Of course, there are plenty of Pink Starburst included, too. After all, life is a little sweeter when it is filled with candy.

The Starburst All Pink Self-Care Kits have very limited availability at www.starburstallpink.com.

And, if you don’t get one, that’s ok, too. You can create your own self-care kit. Grab a bag of the Starburst All Pink Packs, maybe a cozy blanket and a good book. Think about what makes you happy, enjoy a piece of that pink candy and smile. Never be afraid to celebrate you.

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What do you think of the Starburst All Pink Packs becoming part of the permanent part of the candy line?