Pepsi and Aaron Judge give fans a Judge Free Pass for Opening Day

Pepsi Judge Free Pass, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Judge Free Pass, photo provided by Pepsi /

Opening Day is a reason to celebrate with Pepsi and Aaron Judge

With a crack of the bat, Opening Day is here. Pepsi and Aaron Judge want everyone to enjoy the return to America’s pastime. That is why they are giving everyone a Judge Free Pass.

Do you remember when you let mom write you a note to get out of that missing homework assignment, miserable PE fitness test or just an explanation why you are falling asleep at your desk (thanks to staying up to watch the end of a game)? This time, Pepsi and Aaron Judge have created a baseball note to get you out of another boring work meeting. Yes, Opening Day is a reason to play hooky.

The Judge Free Pass offers pre-recorded voicemails, automatic replies, backgrounds and other messages from Judge. Even if you aren’t trying to get out of another TPS report, these messages are pretty funny.

More importantly, it is a reminder that Opening Day has broken the endless Groundhog Day cycle. Plus, isn’t it nice to be able to watch live sports, again. Sure, the look back at past championships is great and learning the rules to the cornhole championship was helpful for the backyard barbecue. People are ready for the MLB players to take the field.

Right now everyone is looking for a reasons to celebrate something positive. Even though fans might not be physically sitting in the stands, bringing baseball back is a return to a sense of quasi-normal. People can sit back, watch a game and take a break from the chaotic monotony that has taken over daily life.

While this Judge Free Pass is rather humorous, it may not work on some bosses. Although using the special pass will hopefully not get you banished like Milton and his red stapler, you might want to know your audience before you use this work excuse.

Then again, even if you don’t use the Judge Free Pass as a reason to skip work, you can use that background on your next Zoom call. It is better than seeing that messy deck for the 100th time.

Grab a Pepsi and tune into your favorite MLB game on Opening Day. Haven’t you binged enough over the past couple of months?

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Are you celebrating Opening Day? Are you excited for baseball to return?