Stouffer’s Bites adds three new flavors and you need to buy a box

New Stouffer's Bites, photo provided by Stouffer's
New Stouffer's Bites, photo provided by Stouffer's /

If you love Stouffer’s Bites, there are three more reasons to eat them.

Sometimes just a bite can satisfy a craving. Stouffer’s Bites has added three new flavors to its line-up and that is a great reason to grab a box or two. Which new flavor will you devour first?

Stouffer’s is an iconic food brand. From mac and cheese to lasagna, there is always a reason to enjoy one of the brand’s classic comfort food meals. While you could try to make one of these dishes from scratch, Stouffer’s tasty recipes make satisfying that craving much more convenient.

Previously, the Stouffer’s Bites were available just in Mac and Cheese bites. There is something fun about enjoying these bites. Whether it is eating with your hands or just the smaller portion, there is something fun about food bites.

Added to the Stouffer’s Bites line are three flavors, Classic Lasagna Bites, Bacon & White Cheddar Mac Bites and Chicken Pot Pie Bites. All three options offer big, bold flavors.

The Classic Lasagna Bites transform the iconic dish into fun and easy option. The crispy breading stuffing is stuffed with all the lasagna goodness that people expect. From meat sauce to mozzarella cheese, noodles and Italian herbs, it is a simply perfect bite.

The Chicken Pot Pie Bite is the most interesting option of the three. That golden crust is what makes a pot pie special. In this version, it seems that there is that crust in every bite. Stuffed with white meat chicken, peas and carrots, the bite is brought together by the creamy gravy. Luckily with this mouthful, you do not have to worry about spilling.

Lastly, the Bacon & White Cheddar Mac Bites are similar to the classic Mac and Cheese Bites but boosted with bacon. Isn’t everything just better with bacon.

The Stouffer’s Bites are available at various grocery stores. Prices vary from $4.99 to $5.99 depending on the retailer.

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Which new Stouffer’s Bites do you want to try? Are you craving some comfort food right now?