Twisted Tea easy twisted drink hacks that turn any day into a celebration

Twisted Tea, photo provided by Twisted Tea
Twisted Tea, photo provided by Twisted Tea /

Are you ready to get twisted with Twisted Tea?

While the summer gatherings might be smaller than normal, Twisted Tea has easy twisted drink hacks that can make any occasion into a celebration. Why just pop open another hard tea when you can have a flavor twist that everyone will want to copy.

This summer has been all about the canned cocktail. Even though many people have learned to be at home mixologists thanks to virtual happy hours, summertime and convenience takes priority. It is often easier to pop open a can by the pool than shake up a cocktail.

Still, people want variety. Just because the can is convenient doesn’t mean that it is the only option on the table. A few simple drink hacks can make that beverage exciting.

Recently, Twisted Tea shared some twisted drink hacks that will turn your next gathering into an entertaining one. After trying a few of these drink hacks, here are a few of my favorites.

Twisted Tea Ice Cubes

During the summertime, everyone wants an ice-cold drink. While there are various tumblers or cups that people can use to keep those drinks cold, ice is still a priority. Unfortunately, when ice melts, your drink gets watered down.

With Twisted Tea Ice Cubes, you get to keep your drink cold yet not water down your drink. Simply freeze some of the hard tea into ice cube trays. It is simple and easy.

Also, consider freezing a little lemon peel into the ice cube tray with the tea. It will boost the lemon flavor as the ice cube melts.

Twisted Tea Bag N’ Box Slushie

If you haven’t noticed, big drink containers are on trend. While it is fun to just have a Bag N’ Box in the cooler, why not have a tea slushie instead. Simply freeze the bag until it reaches slushie consistency. It does take time, but who doesn’t like a slushie.

Also, if your slushie is a little too frozen, add a little hard tea as a floater. It will help to make the slushie melt a little yet doesn’t dilute the flavor.

Twisted Tea Popsicles

Why should kids have all the popsicle fun? Just like freezing the hard tea into ice cubes, you can freeze the beverage into a popsicle mold.

Also, why not add a piece of fruit inside the mold. For example, some sliced mango would be quite tasty. You can mix and match flavors based on the different drink varieties.

This summer make any day a little twisted with these drink hacks from Twisted Tea. Cheers!

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What is your favorite summer beverage?