Wingstop Wing Day is food festival everyone can enjoy

Wingstop Wing Day promotion, photo provided by Wingstop
Wingstop Wing Day promotion, photo provided by Wingstop /

Wingstop Wing Day brings the summer food festival vibe to everyone.

From summer food festivals to state fairs, foodies are longing for summer traditions. Wingstop Wing Day is finding an entertaining way to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day and bring a touch of that food festival atmosphere to everyone. Who’s hungry for chicken wings?

July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day. While people might debate on the preferred chicken wing style, flavor or dipping sauce, everyone can agree that a plate of chicken wings can be a tasty treat.

This year, Wingstop Wing Day is a fun celebration created by Wingstop. The idea is to create a virtual festival experience focused around chicken wings. While not everyone will be eating together, the entertaining event can a little diversion during these difficult times.

Starting at midnight on July 29, Wingstop will kick off a festival livestream curated by DJ Jazzy Jeff. While he might not be telling a story about how his life turned upside down before becoming the Fresh Prince from Bel Air, he has created a stellar group of sets from some talented DJs. The 24 hours of music could be the soundtrack to your chicken wing meal.

Since the National Chicken Wing Day should be celebrated with chicken wings, Wingstop has you covered. Guests will get five (5) free wings with any wing order on July 29. Simply use the code 5FreeWings at checkout.

This special food festival has FoodSided wondering, what is the music is the best chicken wing eating music. Just like flavor preferences, everyone is entitled for their own music/chicken wing eating pairing. Still, we have a few suggestions.

If you are classic Buffalo wing person, consider some classic rock. Those old school tunes are a classic for a reason. Just like this flavor, everyone can agree that there are some rock bands that everyone just likes.

For the bolder flavors, like sriracha, habanero or even super spicy ghost pepper, consider some heavy metal. Why not bust out some Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne or even Guns N’ Roses to feel burn as those chords hit all the right notes.

If you like Jerk wings, why not break out some Bob Marley. Those cool vibes can make you feel like you’re on a Jamaican beach.

Lastly, if you prefer the subtle Honey BBQ, why not put on some country music and feel that down home vibe. It is sweet and sassy, just like that chicken wing flavor.

No matter how you celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, Wingstop Wing Day is here to help you celebrate. Plus, free chicken wings are always a reason to celebrate.

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What is your favorite chicken wing flavor? How are you celebrating National Chicken Wing Day?