Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Dough gives you permission to indulge

Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Dough, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Dough, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Dough means you can eat from the tube, guilt free.

For many people, the refrigerator will soon be filled with Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Dough. Now, that sneaked spoonful, broken corner or just an extra square of dough be enjoyed without that side eye from mom or the pang of guilt. Isn’t the dough the best part of baking cookies and brownies?

It is ok to admit. Who hasn’t snuck a little taste of raw dough? There is something just tasty about cookie dough or brownie dough. Even though mom always said you shouldn’t eat the dough, that little taste to hold you over till the cookies or brownies baked was the best part of baking.

There is a reason why people shouldn’t eat raw dough. Simply stated, the raw flour and eggs are not good for you. Now, there is a way to eat that raw dough without the concern.

The new Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Dough has heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs. That change means that you can eat this dough raw or baked. You might need to buy two containers, one to bake and one to eat.

Since this new Pillsbury product means that you do not have to sneak a spoonful, it is time to say yes. The Say Yes Challenge on Instagram is in partnership with Haylie Duff. She is encouraging parents to catch their kids’ expressions as they are told that it is ok to eat the raw dough.

Check out the announcement.

When you think about this new Pillsbury product, it gives home bakers a lot of options. While the cookies and brownies are best enjoyed baked, you could use the dough in a variety of ways. You could crumble a little into your ice cream. Just think of the ice cream sandwich with the baked cookies or brownies with a little extra dough in the ice cream center.

Overall, Pillsbury has found a way to give consumers what they want. A way to eat cookie and brownie dough without guilt. It isn’t an excuse to eat an entire cookie dough tube straight from the refrigerator, but that pre-baking nibble is now ok.

Look for the label Safe To Eat Raw label on Pillsbury products in the refrigerated aisle. The Pillsbury products are available on store shelves now. Prices vary depending on the retailer.

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Are you excited to say yes to indulging on Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw dough?