Healthy Ice Cream: All the indulgence without the scoop of guilt

Fairlife Ice Cream, photo provided by Fairlife
Fairlife Ice Cream, photo provided by Fairlife /

It isn’t an oxymoron, but healthy ice cream is a scoop to be enjoyed.

The phrase healthy ice cream can have people wondering if that scoop of a healthy treat as good as the overly indulgent version. When that ice cream craving hits, no one wants to be left out. Why not enjoy a healthier version versus not satisfying that craving. After all, healthy eating can be quite tasty. Ready to try a scoop?

Walking through the frozen food aisle, the ice cream options are many. From nostalgic classics to creative flavors, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Even all the walking back and forth pondering the ice cream flavors cannot help to lessen the caloric guilt.

Recently, more and more companies have been making healthy ice cream. Whether it is lower calories, less sugar or more protein, the options continue to grow. Now, when that ice cream craving hits, it can be satisfied without a single scoop of guilt.

Here are some tasty healthy ice cream options.

fairlife Light Ice Cream

The newest healthier ice cream to hit the market, fairlife light cream was created in response to fans asking the brand to make this ice cream. The strong nutrition profile allows people to feel indulgent without feeling bad about another spoonful.

Available in seven flavors, the lactose-free ice cream has 40% less sugar than traditional ice cream and between eight to nine grams of protein.

Looking the various flavors, the Java Chip tops our must try list. The added texture from those chips folded into the ice cream would add to the enjoyment.

The fairlife Light Ice Cream is made in conjunction with Boardwalk Frozen Treats. A 14-ounce container retails for $4.98 and is available at select grocery store chains.

Haagen-Dazs Heaven

Haagen-Dazs is always a delicious ice cream indulgence and Haagen-Dazs Heaven is the less guilty option. The lower calorie ice cream made with no artificial sweeteners is a great way to satisfy that ice cream craving.

While there are four flavors in the Haagen-Dazs Heaven line, the strawberry waffle cone is the must try flavor. The combination of flavors and textures makes for the perfect bite. It is like that perfect waffle cone but in spoonable form.

Haagen-Dazs Heaven is available at various retailers. Check with the website for availability.


Enlightened Ice Cream has a wide array of ice cream options. From Keto to low calorie to dairy free, the options are plenty.

The most exciting new flavor was definitely Enlightened’s partnership with Delish. That special ice cream did not feel like a “healthier” option. With all the flavors and textures, it was the perfect scoop. Sure, you probably shouldn’t eat the whole pint in a single serving, but it tastes quite indulgent.

Pro Nutrition

While many people understand the benefits of protein shakes, why can’t that nutrition be packed into ice cream? Pro Nutrition has done just that with its Pro Nutrition ice cream.

Each ice cream tube has 10 grams of protein, fiber, probiotics and vitamins. Basically, it takes that protein shake and makes it a lot more fun to eat. This option turns that protein shake in a want, not a chore.

Pro Nutrition ice cream is available online.

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