Nutritional Ice cream is the perfect reason to eat more ice cream

Pro Rich Nutrition ice cream, photo by Cristine Struble
Pro Rich Nutrition ice cream, photo by Cristine Struble /

Move over protein shakes. Nutritional ice cream is the good for you frozen treat.

For some people, ice cream is a sometimes treat, but nutritional ice cream changes the game. Instead of skipping that frozen treat, this option provides some nutritional benefits that can make ice cream part of a healthy eating routine. Doesn’t that idea make you scream for more ice cream?

There are all types of ice cream. From indulgent options to healthier choices to even non-dairy options, the freezer case is filled with choices. Even though there are many options, the idea of a nutritional ice cream isn’t always a top choice. Often, ice cream is seen as a treat, not as a meal substitute.

Still, many people happily grab a protein shake or smoothie to start the day or to refuel during the day. While some of those protein shakes have tasty flavors, they are still a drink. Why can’t the nutrition from a protein shake be transformed into frozen treat?

PRO Rich Nutrition created frozen nutrition tubes. Basically, it is a nutritional ice cream in some of people’s favorite ice cream flavors. Instead of a chalky protein shake or a dry protein bar, these frozen treats make nutritional supplements fun to eat.

According to PRO Rich Nutrition, the frozen nutrition tubes have “10-11 grams of protein, 26 essential vitamins and minerals, organic prebiotic fiber, probiotic cultures and all-natural non-GMP food ingredients.”

Good for you ice cream

In a way, this ice cream gives people options. For some people, drinking another nutritional shake can be tiresome. Sometimes you just want to chew food.

For others, a protein bar can be too dry. There is nothing worse than trying to swallow a protein bar, just to get the nutrition down.

The PRO Rich Nutrition tastes just like classic ice cream flavors. From chocolate to even mint chocolate, the flavors are reminiscent of popular ice cream flavors. In a way, it is like having that favorite frozen treat without a side of guilt.

Served in a tube, the ice cream is easy to eat. In a way, it is perfect for on the go eating. Also, it can be taken out of the container and eaten in a more traditional way, too.

The biggest difference between this nutritional ice cream and other ice creams is the consistency. When it first comes out of the tube, there is a harder texture. Once it warms a little, it gets a little smoother consistency.

If you are looking to try one of these flavors, the chocolate chunk is quite tasty. It satisfies any chocolate craving, yet won’t totally derail all those healthy eating habits. It is definitely reason to have ice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

PRO Rich Nutrition is available for purchase online.

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Are you ready to try some nutritional ice cream? Will this healthy eating option satisfy your ice cream cravings?