Volley tequila seltzer, three ingredients combined into canned delight

Volley, 100 % Blue Agave Tequila Based Seltzers, photo provided by Volley
Volley, 100 % Blue Agave Tequila Based Seltzers, photo provided by Volley /

Volley tequila seltzer is pure canned delight.

As canned cocktails surge in popularity, Volley tequila seltzer adds new element to the canned cocktail market. Are you ready to pop open this tequila cocktail?

Whether it is convenience or just fun, canned cocktails seem to be stocking many people’s refrigerators. While previously only a few types of alcoholic beverages seemed to be available in cans, now there are a wide variety of options lining the shelves.

Volley tequila seltzer has joined the canned cocktail offerings. This alcoholic beverage is made from premium 100% blue agave tequila. That tequila is combined with organic juice and sparkling water for a perfect refreshing cocktail.

Each can contains no added sugar and is between 100-110 calories. From sitting by the pool to watching your favorite sports team, these canned cocktails work in each and every occasion.

The reason why this tequila canned cocktail works is because it uses a premium tequila. Each sip is about making the tequila shine. When you have a quality ingredient, you do not need to hide it behind sugar and other additives.

Available in four flavors, these beverages could be an easy swap for other classic tequila cocktails. For example, the Volley Lime is a quick swap for a margarita. It has the same lime flavor as a margarita but less sugar and calories.

Probably the most interesting flavor of the four options is the spicy ginger. While fruity tequila cocktails are often the norm, ginger beer can be a quite delightful option. The slight spice from the ginger beer brings out the nuance of the tequila.

With the spicy ginger seltzer, consider serving it over ice with a lime wedge. It could have you re-thinking your love of a margarita. This cocktail might become your summer beverage.

Volley tequila seltzer is available in various stores now. Check out the website for availability near you.

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What is your favorite canned cocktail? Has convenience changed your drinking habits?