Classic tequilas that cocktail lovers need to rediscover

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These classic tequilas deserve a spot on your bar shelf.

Can you think of your first tequila shot? In many cases one of these classic tequilas filled that glass. While hopefully no one had had that “tequila night,” the agave spirit deserves to be rediscovered. Why not open a bottle of one of these classic tequilas and see why tequila can be a delicious liquor.

Named after the town that discovered, tequila has a lot of good properties. Actually, drinking straight tequila is believed to give you less of a hangover because of its low sugar content. But, if you combine that tequila in a cocktail, all bets are off the table. Remember, it is that sugar that causes a hangover.

Looking at the tequila aisle, the options are many. Putting aside the types (blano, reposado, anejo), there are almost too many brands to name. From celebrity tequilas to new brands to everything in between, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes, classic tequilas might be that go-to option.

Here are a few classic tequilas that need to be rediscovered.

Jose Cuervo

For many people, the name Jose Cuervo is always associated with tequila. Whether it was the first tequila that you sipped or that Spring Break trip that you cannot forget, this brand is always part of the tequila landscape.

While people might not be looking for a worm at the bottom of the bottle, Jose Cuervo is always a good choice to use in a margarita. The brand even has its own margarita mix.

For something a little different, consider the Tradicional Anejo. Aged in a charred American oak barrel and finished in Irish whiskey barrels, this tequila is perfect for sipping. It might become your new after dinner drink.

Tequila Corralejo

Considered one of the oldest tequilas, Tequila Corralejo can be traced back to 1770. All that tradition is a reason to open another bottle.

While there are many varieties in the Tequila Corralejo line, the Corralego Reposado is definitely a highlight. This tequila is delightful on its own or worked into a cocktail. The touch of honey and spice invite you back for another sip.

If you are looking for a tequila that can pair with chicken, steak or even chocolate, this tequila is up for the job.

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Don Julio Tequila

1942 is more than just a type of Don Julio Tequila. It is the year that the brand was founded. For those who know, Don Julio tequila is always a terrific choice.

For some people Don Julio 1942 was the first expensive tequila that they tried. Housed in a wooden box, the long neck bottle holds an elevated tequila.

The aged tequila is meant to be savored. Hopefully people choose to sip, not slam.

Sauza Tequila

Over the years, Sauza has expanded its tequila line in many ways. From the Justin Timberlake 901 Sauza to Sauza Cucumber, there are a variety of options in the line.

Sauza has an option in the canned cocktail market. The Sauza Agua Fuerte blends Sauza Silver Tequila with sparkling water. Available in lime, grapefruit, mango and pineapple, this spiked sparkling water could be a great swap for a margarita.

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What is your favorite tequila to enjoy? Do you prefer tequila cocktails or just tequila and lime?