Best celebrity tequilas to toast to your best cocktail life

Cincoro Tequila, photo provided by Cincoro
Cincoro Tequila, photo provided by Cincoro /

Raise a glass to the best celebrity tequilas.

With a toast of salud, the best celebrity tequilas could have you living your best cocktail life. Although these particular tequilas do not come with a luxury vacation, private jet or an overflowing bank account, a few shots in could make you feel like a rock star. Ready to pour a glass of tequila?

A walk down the tequila aisle offers a wide variety of options. With five tequila designations, including blanco, joven, reposado, anejo and extra anejo, the names are simple to understand. Instead of showing age by a number, the tequila name designates how long it has been aged. From two month (blanco) to up to over three years (extra anejo), the name provides insight to the tequila type.

While each tequila designation comes with a different flavor profile, many people pick a tequila based on another reason. Sometimes the tequila’s name recognition plays a role.

From scrolling through social media feeds to watching a favorite show, seeing a celebrity with their favorite tequila brand can spark a purchase. Often, the celebrities are actually drinking the tequilas that they had a hand in creating.

If you are looking to discover or rediscover tequila, these best celebrity tequilas could be the spark to open a bottle. Granted, it might not give you the Dwayne Johnson’s muscles or Michael Jordan’s jump shot, but it could be the beverage to sip while dreaming about your best life.

Here are FoodSided’s list for the best celebrity tequilas.


Combining the words, cinco and oro (five and gold), offers a clue to the powerful group behind this celebrity tequila. Cincoro brings together Michael Jordan, Jeanie Buss, Wed Ednes, Wyv Grousebeck and Emilia Fazzalari. After the NBA legends discussed tequila over dinner, a brand was born.

Cincoro is a high end tequila worthy of the gold reference in its name. The brand’s four designations range in price from $70 up to $1600 for the extra anejo.

If you are looking upgrade your tequila experience, the Blanco is a great choice. With the flavor profile is nuanced and layers. Each smooth sip has flavors of dried mango, light grapefruit and even a touch of lime. More interesting is the touch of white and black pepper.

Considering sipping Cincoro from a flute glass. That style of glass allows for the perfect sup. This smooth tequila could have you changing your cocktail order.


If you have been watching Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram, he has been shaking up a variety of Teremana cocktails. From tropical margaritas to just drinking it straight from the freezer, it seems that The People’s Tequila is the hit of the summer.

With a name that refers to the spirit of the the Earth” this small batch tequila comes in two versions, blanco and reposado.

Since the blanco bright citrus flavors, it works well in a variety of cocktails. For example, the Mana Paloma is a delicious cocktail that highlights the flavor of this tequila. Why not shake one up and you might just have you saying, you’re welcome.


Probably the most well known celebrity tequila is Casamigos. Although George Clooney and Rande Gerber sold the brand to Diagio, Casamigos is still their preferred tequila. It is often seen at all their events.

An award winning tequila that is often a great sipping tequila, Casamigos is considered an ultra-premium tequila. While the blanco is delightful in a variety of cocktails, the Casamigos Reposado has the most wonderful lingering, smooth finish. With notes of cocoa and caramel, it could become your new after dinner drink.

best celebrity tequilas
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JAJA Tequila

Not necessarily the most instantly recognizable celebrity tequila, JAJA Tequila is partnership with The Chainsmokers. Wanting a tequila that spoke to them, this tequila is often referred to as the “modern tequila with traditional roots.”

This tequila tends to be a touch sweeter. Also, the herbal notes make it an intriguing sip. When you raise a glass with friends, you might have quite a few “Jajas” (hahas) before the night is through.

For a nuanced sip, consider the JAJA Anejo. Aged in American whiskey barrels, this tequila could turn a whiskey drinker into a big tequila fan. The toasted almond is a flavor to appreciate.

Casa Noble
If you want to break into “oye como va,” Casa Noble is the tequila for you. With Carlos Santana as its brand ambassador, the tequila seeks to celebrate the “noble pursuit” of a craft tequila.

One big difference with this tequila is the aging for its reposada and anejo. Both designations are aged longer than normal. The tripled distilled tequila is quite nuanced and a lovely sip.

The reposado has a surprising note of lemongrass. That flavor combined with toasted oak offers a touch of ying and yang. Although this tequila might not make you into an expert guitar player, it is a tasty liquor to drink while listening to the great Carlos Santana.

901 Sauza

One glass of 901 Sauza will not have you crying a river. This Justin Timberlake tequila is intended to drink simply, just with a lime. If you remember the launch video, it is intended to be a simple tequila and lime beverage.

Whether you drink it simply, in a cocktail or however you choose, this tequila is smooth. Truthfully, this tequila is perfect with a fresh lime and a touch of seltzer. It could have you understanding why a premium tequila does make a difference.

This list is just one person’s opinion of the best celebrity tequilas. Why not take a stroll down the tequila aisle and pick a few bottles for yourself. From a pretty label to an interesting name, it is time to rediscover why tequila should always be behind the bar.

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What is your favorite tequila? Do you prefer it straight or in a cocktail?