Upgrade your French Toast recipe with this simple swap

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Want to upgrade your French Toast recipe?

For many people, a French Toast recipe is the one of the first breakfast recipes that they learned to make. While it is more difficult that pouring a bowl of cereal, it isn’t about complicated measurements or difficult ingredients. Overall, it is a recipe that most people can master.

Still, not all French Toast recipes are the same. For example, some versions are soaked in a custard overnight and are baked in the oven. But, for the simple version, made with just five ingredients (egg, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and bread), almost anyone can master it.

Since the French Toast recipe is relatively simple, the ingredients can make all the difference. While people can debate the best vanilla or the freshness of cinnamon, the real star of this recipe is the bread.

The simple swap to upgrade any French Toast recipe is the bread. It is really that easy.

Recently, Pepperidge Farm announced three new Farmhouse Breakfast Breads to its lineup. These new Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Breakfast Breads are Raisin & Oats, Berry Sunflower, and Lemon Poppy.

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Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Breakfast Bread Lemon Poppyseed, photo provided by Pepperidge Farm /

These new Breakfast Breads are intended to break up that breakfast bread routine. Even though some people might have tried their hand at baking, no one really wants to bake bread every morning. These three breads bring exciting flavors to the breakfast table. From a little butter to a touch of jam, that morning bread routine got a flavor upgrade.

More importantly, these Breakfast Breads are an easy way to upgrade that French Toast recipe. Since bread is an important ingredient to that recipe, swapping traditional white bread for one of these Breakfast Breads instantly changes the flavor experience.

For example, the Lemon Poppy has a similar flavor to a popular muffin. Why not use this Breakfast Bread in French Toast. Top the dish with some fresh strawberries and a touch of whipped cream. The flavors will be bright yet not too rich.

Even if you use the more traditional Raisin & Oats, the oats in the bread add some texture to the dish. A little change to the routine can be quite satisfying.

The Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Breakfast Breads are available at various retailers, including Walmart. A loaf has a suggested retail price of $3.99.

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Are you ready to give your French Toast recipe and upgrade? What do you think of these new Breakfast Breads?