Elysian Brewing summer beers to enjoy before it gets chilly

Elysian Contact Haze, photo provided by Elysian Brewing
Elysian Contact Haze, photo provided by Elysian Brewing /

Elysian Brewing summer beers make leisurely summer days refreshing.

As the dog days of summer are in full effect, the Elysian Brewing summer beers should have prime space in your refrigerator. From Contact Haze to the Space Dust IPA, the summer beers are perfect refreshment for that leisurely afternoon.

Included in Elysian Brewing’s summer collection, there are four beers. Contact Haze, Space Dust IPA, Elysian Rolling Stone Lager and Salute to the Sun Pale Ale. Whether you like a bold hoppy sip, a refreshing lager or an innovative flavor twist, these Elysian Brewing summer beers have you covered.

Thinking about these beers, there is an option for every and any occasion. For example, while those summer music festival might have taken a virtual spin, the Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is the perfect beer to sip while jamming out with your favorite soundtrack. And, if you need a little listening inspiration, check out the brand’s Spotify playlist.

If you prefer more of a hypnotic experience, the Contact Haze IPA will have you entranced. The hazy IPA is hoppy but the bright citrus notes make it an elusive experience. The flavors of guava and passion fruit add a touch of the tropics to this beer.

Plus, the Contact Haze IPA is perfect for summer grilling. It is best to have two cans. One for this glaze recipe and one to sip while cooking.

For a little more out of this world experience, the Space Dust IPA is must try. While it might not have you blasting off from the Space Coast like Bob and Doug, it is a beer that you will want to enjoy until the Mars Rover sends back its recordings.

Don’t let the golden color and the enticing flavors put you in a celestial trance. This IPA has a higher ABV, so you might want to leave the keys to the space ship at home. Still, this beer is perfect for a summer evening gazing at the stars or toasting another SpaceX launch.

Lastly, the Salute the Sun Pale Ale might not have you doing another sun salutation, but the bright citrus flavors are quite inviting. Brewed with black limes, that flavor offers a sweet/tart note. In addition, that fruit brings a strong citrus aroma. In a way, opening a bottle is the instant refresher that you want on a hot day.

All of these Elysian Brewing summer beers are available at various retailers. Before summer fades, consider popping open one or a few. Just like a great summer day, embrace the moment and enjoy a sip.

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What is your favorite Elysian Brewing beer? Do you enjoy seasonal beers or do you have a favorite beer all year round?