Fried Pickles and Ranch Dip is the summer snack people want

Taste of the South Fried Pickles & Ranch Dip, photo provided by Sam's Club
Taste of the South Fried Pickles & Ranch Dip, photo provided by Sam's Club /

For pickle fans, the new Fried Pickles and Ranch Dip is a must try.

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, you are missing out on Fried Pickles and Ranch Dip. This new pickle dip, snacking creation has come exclusively to Sam’s Club. Are you ready for a tangy, creamy bite?

Pickles and pickled flavored dishes have been a big food trend. While a few pickle items (like pickle ice cream or pickle slushies) might be a little extreme, other pickle forward dishes really work. From fried pickled chips to pickle juice, it is a pickle extravaganza.

The Taste of the South Fried Pickles and Ranch Dip combines dill pickles and zesty ranch in a single bite. The dip blends whipped cream cheese and natural sour cream for a luscious texture. Putting together the flavors and textures, this dip will be gone as soon as you put it on the table.

Thinking about this new pickle dip, it is more than just a spread for a cracker or a chip. Sure, could be a little healthy and use vegetables as a dip, but there are even more possibilities.

Why not use the dip as a topping for a chicken sandwich. Sam’s Club sells a great frozen Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. This dip could be spread thin on the bun to kick up the pickle taste. It could revive that chicken sandwich obsession.

The only downside to this pickle dip is that it has a limited availability. It is only available in 18 states. Check with your local Sam’s Club to see if it is being sold.

If you are lucky to get your hands on a container, the 24 oz tub retails for $4.98. You might want to buy two containers so that you don’t run out.

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What do you think of this Fried Pickles and Ranch Dip? Will it be your new favorite dip?