Miller Time just got more festive thanks to free beer

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for MAC Presents)
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for MAC Presents) /

You don’t need a watch to know Miller Time is reason to crack open a beer.

For many people, Miller Time is more than just that 5 o’clock somewhere notion. It is about gathering with friends, enjoying a moment to relax and having an ice-cold beer. Even though our barstools might be farther apart, celebrating good friends and good times is always a reason to celebrate.

This International Beer Day, Miller Lite is giving everyone a reason to celebrate that iconic Miller Time feeling. In 80 different cities, the iconic light beer will be giving away free beer. That’s right, an icy cold beer could be on Miller Lite.

Since this free beer offer is tied to International Beer Day, there is a little caveat. The cities included in this offer are towns that are named after countries (see the international twist).

So, if you live in Norway, Iowa (or Norway, Maine), Panama, Illinois or Denmark, Tennessee (or Denmark, Wisconsin), you can get a beer rebate. The complete details and city list can be found at

According to Sofia Colucci, VP Miller Family of Brands, “We know that summer travel looks a little different this year, and for many beer fans, that means celebrating International Beer Day looks different too. But it’s still time for Miller Time, so we’re embracing the chance to celebrate safely and with good friends on our home turf, in cities like China, MI; Belgium, IL; and Trinidad, CA.”

Plus, if you happen to live in Scotland, South Dakota, Miller Lite is making a special International Beer Day delivery. From 11 a.m. till 1 p.m. on August 7, the beer brand will be giving out a free ,12 oz can of beer to people 21 or older. It looks like everyone in Scotland will be enjoying some Miller Time.

Even if you do not live in one of these special cities, International Beer Day is a reason to take a moment and celebrate some Miller Time. Whether or not that beer is enjoyed socially distant or in person with your family, beer brings people together to enjoy each other. Sometimes the best conversations happen over an ice-cold beer.

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How will you be celebrating International Beer Day? Are you ready for some Miller Time?