Pepsi satisfies our wanderlust with its Staycation Postcards

Pepsi Postcards, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Postcards, photo provided by Pepsi /

Pop open a can of Pepsi and take a trip to Porchlandia.

What did your summer vacation look like this year? Pepsi understands that the annual road trip, beach bash or exotic escape was much more subdued. Instead of miles logged on the road, many people racked up hours on the couch. While watching another travel show offered some diversion, people are longing for that summer vacation.

Pepsi understands that summer traditions are important. Even though socials are filled with more memory photos than new photos, this summer needs to be commemorated, too. This year, why not share some Staycation Postcards across the miles.

Who hasn’t bought a fun postcard from the souvenir shop while on vacation? Maybe it had a funny saying or silly photo. Some people even use those postcards as a way to keep tangible memories of all those vacations. Sometimes you send those postcards to friends as a little gesture (who hasn’t sent a post card from the Wizarding World with the Owl’s Post stamp?).

This summer, Pepsi wants to bring a little humor to this “summer vacation.” The Staycation Postcards feature some of the hottest new destinations, like Porchlandia, Couchville, Sprinkler City and Hot Tub Springs (personally, Hot Tub Springs sounds like a great destination). These postcards are meant to have a little fun in the summer that looked like no one expected.

In a way, these postcards are a reminder that fun can be had and will be enjoyed anywhere. Sure, who doesn’t want to impress your friends with that Instagram perfect shot from the infinity pool in Bali.

While you might be able to photo shop that image, this year the vacation shot is a kiddie pool on the rooftop of a building. In some ways, you will probably remember this summer much longer than that uber expensive vacation. Sometimes, being in the moment is far more important than capturing the image.

If you want to join in the Pepsi Staycation Postcards fun, comment on Pepsi’s Twitter account for a chance to win. All the details are in the tweet above.

For now, pop open a can of Pepsi and raise a glass to the destinations that bring us all together. From my couch to yours, cheers!

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What is your favorite summer spot? How are you making this summer special?