Harry Potter Ice Cream flavors ranked: What’s better than Butterbeer?

Harry Potter Ice Cream, photo by Cristine Struble
Harry Potter Ice Cream, photo by Cristine Struble /

Which Harry Potter Ice Cream flavors are tastiest?

A visit to the Wizarding World is full of tasty adventures, but which Harry Potter Ice Cream flavors should top your must eat list? With so many options on the table, you might wish for a special spell that allows to eat them all. Are you ready to grab a spoon and indulge?

At Universal Orlando, Florean Fortesue’s Ice Cream Parlour in Diagon Alley is always a must stop in the Wizarding World. While many people grab a Butterbeer or even a Dragon Scale for some refreshment, the tempting ice creams cannot be resisted. Somehow, there is always room for ice cream.

When you walk into the ice cream parlour the menu is filled with options. From soft serve to hand packed to indulgent sundaes, the list of treats is almost overwhelming.

Of course, many people instantly pick Butterbeer ice cream. It is and will always be a classic. For purposes of this discussing, I’m taking Butterbeer ice cream off the list. Sometimes it is just time to be a little more adventurous in your food choices.

Also, this list focuses just on the hard pack ice cream flavors. While the soft serve flavors like orange marmalade, toffee apple and strawberries & cream are delightful, the hand packed ice creams have a little more magic to their flavors.

Here is my unscientific ranking of Harry Potter Ice Cream flavors.

8. Chocolate & Raspberry

If you like chocolate and fruit together, chocolate and raspberry is for you. The chocolate is rich and the raspberry is bright. Plus, that touch of fruit makes you feel a little better about eating a second scoop. That’s a serving of fruit, right?

7. Clotted Cream

While most people pass over this ice cream flavor, everyone should try it at least once. If you have ever had clotted cream on a scone, you know the flavor. In a way, it can be combined with other sweet ice creams to tone down the sweetness.

6. Strawberry & Peanut Butter

Sometimes certain flavors are just classics. If you love that classic strawberry and peanut butter sandwich, you will like this ice cream. It isn’t too sweet or two salty. It is just right.

5. Salted Caramel Blondie

If you like the combination of sweet and a touch salty, this ice cream is for you. There is a buttery note to this ice cream, but the sweetness comes through the most. In a way, it makes you wish that this flavor came with a blondie, too. It could be a great combination dessert.

4. Chocolate Chili

Combining chocolate and spice is a wonderful combination. This ice cream has just the right amount of heat. It isn’t too strong, but the slow burn makes you go back spoonful after spoonful. Don’t worry, you won’t need a fire extinguisher for your mouth.

3. Apple Crumble

This ice cream makes you think of a classic apple pie a la mode. There is a touch of warm spices with the sweetness of the apple. It is almost the most nostalgic ice cream flavor.

2. Earl Grey & Lavender

For the sophisticated taste, the Earl Grey & Lavender is the most lovely ice cream flavor. While you do not have to enjoy this ice cream with your pinky out, you might wish for a little afternoon break while slowing enjoying each spoonful.

1. Sticky Toffee Pudding

If you love the classic Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert, this ice cream is a must try. It combines all those classic flavors in a slightly lighter way. On a hot day, this ice cream is delicious.

Again, my Harry Potter Ice Cream flavors ranked might not coincide with your opinion. If you would like to debate my choices, come join me at a table in the Wizarding World and grab a spoon. Let’s go enjoy them all again and see if the ice cream flavors need to be re-ranked.

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What is your favorite Harry Potter food? Do you always have a Butterbeer when you visit the Wizarding World?