KIT KAT Pumpkin Pie is back and it is time to break into one

KIT KAT Pumpkin Pie returns, photo provided by Cristine Struble
KIT KAT Pumpkin Pie returns, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

The hugely popular KIT KAT Pumpkin Pie returns and everyone is wishing for fall.

One of last year’s most popular seasonal flavors, KIT KAT Pumpkin Pie is returning as part of Hershey’s Halloween candy launch. The KIT KAT miniatures offer that iconic, favorite fall seasonal flavor. While each individual candy is small, it doesn’t mean that you cannot eat a handful.

When the KIT KAT Pumpkin Pie was released last year, many people celebrated the special season flavor. The pumpkin pie flavored crème pairs perfectly with the classic wafer. Colored in a subtle orange, it is fall perfection.

While the fall is full of pumpkin spice treats, these little miniatures started a trend for KIT KAT. After this successful launch, a series of other seasonal, limited time treats hit store shelves. From the holidays Sweet Cinnamon to Spring’s Lemon Crisp, there was a new flavor to enjoy the classic KIT KAT. This summer even saw the launch of KIT KAT Apple Pie, which has quickly turned into a must try candy.

Even though Halloween trick or treating tends to focus on kids and their favorite candies, this KIT KAT flavor has a broader appeal. Whether it is the mom who sneaks a little afternoon treat or the baker who finds a way to incorporate this flavor into baked treats, these seasonal candies fly off store shelves.

KIT KAT Witch's Brew, Hershey's new Halloween candy
New KITKAT Witch’s Brew Halloween candy, photo provided by Hershey’s /

As pumpkin pie fans celebrate the return of KIT Pumpkin Pie, the new KIT KAT Witch’s Brew will be the most talked about seasonal candy. The marshmallow flavored crème is the perfect sweet compliment to the crisp wafer.

While the flavor is exciting, the color is perfect for the spooky season. The light green color looks like it has just been dipped in that Witch’s cauldron. The creative minds at Hershey’s have definitely cast a tasty spell over the Halloween candy season.

From the Halloween candy bowls to creative Halloween desserts, the KIT KAT Witch’s Brew will become one of most talked about Halloween candies of the season. It will be a huge hit with all ages.

Additionally, it will become a great option for Halloween desserts. Whether it is a topping to a chocolate brownie or incorporated into an ice cream shake, the possibilities are many.

Given these seasonal flavors, it will be interesting to see the holiday flavors from KIT KAT. While last year saw Sweet Cinnamon, could a gingerbread flavor be this year’s new choice? That option of sweet and spicy could be the perfect pairing for a KIT KAT bar.

The KIT KAT Pumpkin Pie and KIT KAT Witch’s Brew will be hitting store shelves and will be available for a limited time. A package has a suggested retail price between $3.79 and $3.89.

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What is your favorite KIT KAT flavor? Are you excited for all the new Hershey’s Halloween candy?