New KIT KAT Apple Pie is the perfect summer candy treat

New KIT KAT Apple Pie, photo provided by Kit Kat
New KIT KAT Apple Pie, photo provided by Kit Kat /

New KIT KAT Apple Pie brings the classic dessert to the candy aisle.

While the classic KIT KAT is always a great reason to take a break, the new KIT KAT Apple Pie is the delicious summer candy treat that everyone will want to try. As this new Hershey candy is about to hit store shelves, will you throw a summer barbecue to celebrate it?

Certain flavors are classic, almost All-American. Apple Pie is one of those iconic desserts. Whether served during a 4th of July celebration, a summer barbecue or a dessert for family dinner, apple pie is always a tasty option. For many, the question isn’t whether or not to have a slice, it is whether you should have a second slice.

Recently, KIT KAT has expanded its flavors. After the popular response to its KIT KAT Duo Mint and Dark Chocolate, other flavor innovations have tempted candy fans to take a break.

Over the past year, KIT KAT has released several limited-edition seasonal flavors. Each of the special offerings seem to highlight seasonal flavors. From the pumpkin pie to the sweet cinnamon to the lemon crisp, each candy is bursting with a taste of the season.

Going into summer, the new KIT KAT flavor seems to capture a sense of nostalgia. While many people have been wanting comforting foods, that apple pie flavor is a classic that many people will want to taste. In a way, that classic flavor can to bring people together over a universally loved dessert.

KIT KAT Apple Pie
New KIT KAT Apple Pie, photo provided by KIT KAT /

Hershey’s describes the new Apple Pie flavor as the KIT KAT iconic wafer surrounded by the taste of apple pie. In some ways, it can satisfy that apple pie flavor craving when a real pie is not practical. The flavor comes through in a single bite, no fork is necessary.

Whether enjoyed at a summer picnic, a mid-afternoon treat or incorporated into another dessert (just think of the cake that could be made with this KIT KAT candy), the options are many. One idea could be to use the new Apple Pie Flavor in a twist on the Apple Pie a la mode sundae.

In some ways, candy fans might want to buy an a few extra. Apple pie is that classic dessert that is tasty any time of year.

The new KIT KAT Apple Pie will be available starting in July. It will be available in a 1.5 oz standard size bar.

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Are you excited to try the new KIT KAT Apple Pie flavor? What other KIT KAT flavors would you like to see next?