Hershey’s new Halloween candy makes you wish for trick or treat season

Hershey’s new Halloween candy is here, and October 31 can’t come soon enough.

No tricks because Hershey’s new Halloween candy has been announced. While people might be relaxing by the pool, the spooky season will be here before anyone realizes it. Luckily all these new Hershey’s Halloween candy options have cast a sweet spell on candy fans. Are you wishing it was October already?

Over the past several years, Hershey’s has brought both creativity and flavor innovation to its Halloween candy launch. Even though Halloween 2020 might be a little unconventional, the candy aisle will be full with new candy that will have everyone feeling festive.

For this year, Hershey is launching four new candies. Each candy has both visual and flavor innovation. While the classics are always in style, these creative twists invigorate the Halloween season.

Whether you put these Halloween candies in a big bowl, create the ultimate Halloween table scape or want to be the best trick or treat stop on the street, these Hershey’s new Halloween candy options need to be purchased before the witch’s hour strikes.

Hershey's new Halloween candy

New Hershey’s Halloween candy, photo by Cristine Struble

Four flavors of Hershey’s new Halloween candy.

The Hershey’s Vampire Milk Chocolate Kisses are the most innovative Hershey’s Kisses. While the classic Hershey’s Kiss has had various flavor makeovers, this new Halloween candy has a very bold twist. One bite will have people wanting more.

While people might debate the best way to eat a KIT KAT, this Hershey Kiss needs to be bitten in half. Even if you always pop an entire Kiss in your mouth at once, the center of this candy is what makes it exciting.

Instead of just a classic candy center, the strawberry crème is bright red colored. While it might not flow like a lava cake, that bold, colorful center makes this Halloween candy a must try.

The strawberry crème center is sweet but not overpowering. It is a more like a strawberry jam type flavor than a sweet crème.

Since Hershey Kisses are often used in a variety of baking recipes, it could be interesting to use these candies on top of a sugar cookie or even a brownie. Although it might not be best to bake this Hershey’s Kiss, it could be a dramatic image to make a little cut in the Hershey’s  Kiss just before serving. As the center slowly emerges, just think of everyone’s expression as they see the dessert.

The Hershey’s Vampire Milk Chocolate Kisses are sold in 9.8 oz. bag and have a suggested retail price of $3.79.


Hershey's new Halloween candy

New Reese’s Franken-cup, photo provided by Hershey’s


Continuing the bold color story, the new Reese’s Franken-Cup Peanut Butter Cups bring a colorful twist to the iconic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Drawing inspiration from the classic character, Frankenstein, these peanut butter cups might make you think of the iconic monster.

Looking from the top down, the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup looks familiar. But, a second glance shows that the bottom has a bright green color. The franken-green crème is colorful, but the flavor is still like a classic white crème. Luckily, Dr. Frankenstein did not have a dubious flavor twist in this Halloween candy.

Thinking about this colorful twist to the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, it will be a huge hit with kids. While the classic pumpkin Reese’s shapes are always a favorite, the green color is unique for Reese’s. In a way, this new candy could be a new candy trend for Reese’s. Think about the possibilities for Valentine’s Day and Easter.

The Reese’s Franken-Cup Peanut Butter Cups will be sold in a 9.8 oz. bag with a suggested retail price of $3.89.


Hershey's new Halloween candy

New KITKAT Witch’s Brew Halloween candy, photo provided by Hershey’s


Winning the most creative flavor for Hershey’s new Halloween candy is definitely KIT KAT. The KIT KAT Witches Brew might have a colorful green crème covering that wafer, but the flavor under that colorful crème is no trick. The marshmallow KIT KIT will make you fall under a candy spell.

At first bite, you might not identify the KIT KAT as marshmallow if you didn’t know the flavor. It is sweet, but the marshmallow is quite enjoyable. Even after you finish one package, you will want to have another. Maybe there is a candy spell inside that KIT KAT wrapper.

This new limited-edition flavor follows other candy innovations from KIT KAT. From this summer’s Apple Pie to Birthday Cake, it seems that the iconic KIT KAT is always looking to give candy fans a reason to take a break.

The KIT KAT Witches Brew will be sold in a 9.8 oz. bag with a suggested retail price of $3.89.

Hershey's new Halloween candy

New Hershey’s Cookies n Cream Fangs, photo provided by Hershey’s

Lastly, this Hershey’s new Halloween candy is encouraging everyone to play with their candy. The Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Crème Fangs are made to look like a set of fangs. While you can just hold the candy for a fun picture, it is even more fun to “bite out” the fangs.

Candy, especially Halloween candy, it meant to be fun. Since these Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Crème Fangs encourage play, it makes everyone feel like a kid. Plus, these Halloween fangs are much more fun than those plastic ones.

The Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Crème Fangs will be sold in a 9.45 oz bag with a suggested retail price of $3.89.

Which Hershey’s new Halloween candy will be your must try? What is your favorite Halloween candy?