Heineken 0.0 Stadium in a Box scores with MLS fans

Heineken, photo provided by Heineken
Heineken, photo provided by Heineken /

Feel like you are part of action with Heineken 0.0 Stadium in a Box.

As the MLS is Back Tournament continues in the Orlando bubble, Heineken 0.0 Stadium in a Box brings a fan experience closer to home. While the roar of the crowd might be a little more subdued, you can jump up from your seat, celebrate with a beer and yell GOAAAAAAL.

With various sports returning to competition, sports fans have been watching from afar. Although fans would love to see every score and win in person, the current climate prevents that scenario. Still, the return of sports is making many people happy.

Although stadiums and sports organizations are trying to bring the fan excitement and interaction to the players, the fans at home want to have their experience, too. Even if you are sitting in your man cave, surrounded by your fan gear, many fans want a little more.

Heineken 0.0 Stadium in a Box brings everything that fans need. In the box, there is a real stadium set (from the fan’s favorite team, of course), some tasty stadium food and a custom Heineken 0.0 beverage fridge.

Thinking about this stadium in a box, it could be the perfect addition to any man cave (or she shed). Who wouldn’t want to bring the stadium experience home? It will be the ultimate bragging rights for any MLS fan.

Even when the MLS returns to the stadiums, this Stadium in a Box could be a great way to watch your favorite team’s road games. Maybe this stadium seat will bring the team good luck.

Truthfully, the beverage fridge might be the most coveted item in the box. No one wants to miss a big play because they were in line for a beverage. By keeping all those beverages within arm’s reach, you will never miss a play.

If you want this special Stadium in a Box, you have to win it. Check out the Heineken promotion on Twitter for all the details.

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How are you bringing the sports fan experience home?