Michelob ULTRA and Jimmy Butler celebrate the return courtside

(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Up2Us Sports 2019 Gala)
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Up2Us Sports 2019 Gala) /

Jimmy Butler sings the praises of Michelob ULTRA and the NBA returning to the court.

As Michelob ULTRA becomes the official beer partner of the NBA, Jimmy Butler couldn’t help but burst into song. While many people praise Butler’s talents on the court, this new beer commercial shows a different side. In some ways, basketball fans are just as excited to see all the basketball action during the NBA’s return. .

Starting on July 30, the NBA Restart season resumes. Even though the Orlando bubble is not the typical NBA experience, it is a step towards bringing the basketball action back to the fans. In partnership with beer brand, fans will get a little closer to the action.

The Michelob ULTRA Courtside is a virtual experience that allows fans to be inside the arena and share in the excitement of the action on the court. According to Ricardo Marques, Vice President of Michelob ULTRA, described the program as “a truly groundbreaking virtual fan experience that will not only bring the energy of the fans to the game, but also bring the athletes closer to the fans.”

As sports begin their return, the interaction between players and fans has been a concern. Without the voices from those loyal fans, there is a different feel to any game. By finding ways to bring the fans to the players, the experience becomes more exciting for everyone involved. This virtual experience offers that situation.

The Courtside experience will be on the brand’s social channels as well as www.ultracourtside.com. There will be exclusive giveaways and experiences. More information can be found on Michelob ULTRA’s social channels.

To celebrate basketball’s return, the beer brand worked with Jimmy Butler. In the new spot, Butler sings and dances to “You Make My Dream (Come True)” by Hall & Oats. Check out this commercial.

While it might be entertaining to see Butler’s joyful side, it represents a feeling that many people are having. Even Butler said, “I look forward to returning to the court and am elated for the opportunity to virtually reconnect with NBA fans. It is their energy that brings the excitement to the game and makes it all worthwhile.”

From the commercial to the Courtside experience, Michelob ULTRA shows how it is the beer brand that works within an active lifestyle. From sponsoring Turkey Trots to sporting events, many beer drinkers want that beer, but they want it to fit into their lifestyle choices.

Why not open a Michelob ULTRA on July 30 and enjoy the first tip off from the NBA Restart. There is a reason to celebrate sports getting back on the court.

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