An easy can-tail makes canned wine even tastier

Rosé Lemonade can-tail, photo provided by Cupcake Vineyards
Rosé Lemonade can-tail, photo provided by Cupcake Vineyards /

With canned wine being so popular, this easy can-tail is a tasty option.

Are you part of the canned wine craze? For many people, canned wine has made enjoying a favorite rosé, chardonnay or even some sparkling wine quite convenient. Now, a can-tail makes that wine even more fun.

One of the biggest beverage trends has been canned wine. Whether it is the convenient, portion size or something else, everyone is popping open a can versus popping corks. With all the variety on the shelves, wine lovers will never have to switch to another alcoholic beverage in a can.

When it comes to a canned wine, drinkers need to be aware of portion size. While the can is convenient, it often holds two servings of wine. Usually a wine glass isn’t filled with 10-12 oz.

During warmer weather, sometimes drinkers prefer a lighter cocktail. Even though fruity cocktails might bring a beach vibe, those drinks might not always be the best option.

Sometimes during the summer, a wine cocktail can be a delightful choice. Although people might not want to bring the entire bar to the cooler, a few simple ideas can turn that canned wine into a tasty cocktail.

Recently, Cupcake Vineyards shared this Can-Tail using their canned wine.

Rosé Lemonade Can Cocktail


  • (1) can Cupcake Vineyards Rosé, chilled
  • (2) oz Lemonade
  • (½) oz Lemon juice
  • (¼) oz Agave


  • Pour half the can of Rosé into a separate cup to sip or save.
  • Pour remaining ingredients directly into the can and swirl to mix.
  • Garnish with mint + lemon wedge and serve!

If you enjoy the Cupcake Rosé you will like this wine cocktail. The lemonade blended with the watermelon and strawberry flavors in the wine make it quite refreshing. That touch of tartness makes this wine cocktail quite refreshing on a hot day.

Thinking about this wine cocktail, another option could be to use a sparkling lemonade to add a little bubbles to the mix. In a way, it is like a wine spritz. Many people enjoy these lighter wine drinks during the summer.

Next time you pop open some canned wine, consider a can-tail. It might be that refreshment you wish that you had tried sooner.

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What is your favorite summer beverage?