Cape Cod Potato Chips celebrates its 40th anniversary in a fashionable way

Cape Cod Potato Chips limited-edition 40th Anniversary Capsule Collection, photo provide by Cape Cod
Cape Cod Potato Chips limited-edition 40th Anniversary Capsule Collection, photo provide by Cape Cod /

As Cape Cod Potato Chips turns 40, fans will have something fashionable to wear.

For many people, Cape Cod Potato Chips are a favorite snack. Whether it is that classic potato chip, a bold new flavor or a seasonal favorite that pairs so perfectly with a Sam Adams beer, there is a chip for any occasion. As the popular chip brand turns 40, fans have a new way to showing their chip love.

The new Cape Cod Potato Chips new online merchandise store will feature a variety of exclusive brand merchandise. While visitors might have seen some of these items at the Hyannis factory, now people from Miami to Sonoma can get their own piece of chip fashion.

In addition to some classic items, the online store will feature some limited edition 40th Anniversary Capsule Collection. Included in this capsule collection are some beach-influenced items. After all, the Cape lifestyle can be enjoyed everywhere. It is more about a lifestyle, not a location.

Looking at the various merchandise, the designs and colors have that Cape Cod feeling. From the bold blue to the vibrant reds, the color scheme brings a taste of the beach vibe. There is almost sense of encouragement to grab a bag of chips, a beach blanket and enjoy a day just enjoying the moment outside. Sometimes life needs to be just that simple.

As part of its 40th anniversary celebration, Cape Cod Chips is giving back to its local community. A $40,000 donation was made to Cape & Islands United Way organization. The hope is that this donation will keep the local community strong for the next 40 years and beyond.

If you know a snack fan in your life, consider purchasing some of the 40th anniversary limited edition merchandise. After all, you always want to look good when snacking on your favorite potato chip.

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