McDonald’s menu trends see a shift to these food choices

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As consumers adapt, McDonald’s menu trends see an interesting shift.

Consumers always drive McDonald’s menu trends. The signs referencing billions sold are not an exaggeration. Those Golden Arches are instantly recognizable and many people can rattle off iconic menu items. Still, the infamous brand is always adapting because it understands that the consumer drives its success.

In a recent TIME article, McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, shared his thoughts and insight about McDonald’s pivots in today’s current climate, the company’s future endeavors and which McDonald’s menu trends consumers are wanting.

Although few people could have predicted this year’s situation, one aspect seemed to have emerged. Consumers are craving the familiar. Whether it is the Big Mac or a serving of fries, they want those comforting, familiar flavors.

Kempczinski commented specifically on that scenario. He mentioned that consumers are less willing to go out and try something new. They want the familiar flavors that satisfy every time.

Given these McDonald’s menu trends, it doesn’t seem likely that big, splashy new menu items will be hitting the brand’s menu boards anytime soon. Where last year saw the expansion of International Menu limited time offers and specific burgers with bold flavors, those items are long gone. If consumers are not willing to step out of their comfort zone, then McDonald’s isn’t going to offer it.

As seen with the streamlined menus and the reduction of all day breakfast, McDonald’s understands that its success is based on giving consumers what they want, not flooding menus with options that are never ordered.

Looking ahead, McDonald’s could be a sign of what is to come for many other restaurants. From simplified menus to contactless ordering, the restaurant experience may never be that bustling scene from 2019. While people will always want to socialize and spend time together, the look and feel will be different.

What can everyone anticipate with the next McDonald’s menu trends? Most likely those familiar, simple comforting foods that made the company a fast food legend.

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