McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial: What does Patrick Mahomes order?


With all the Super Bowl commercial reveals, McDonald’s just joined the party. In the McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial, fans learn some famous faces favorite orders.

Did you think that there would be a McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial? While the iconic Golden Arches might be a little late to the Super Bowl commercial reveal party, the iconic brand has taken a unique twist to the big game ad. There might not be any famous faces, but there are many famous orders.

Some people have favorite McDonald’s orders. Even with the new Chicken Breakfast sandwiches or that delicious Snickerdoodle McFlurry, many people order the same meal each and every time.

At the same time, McDonald’s is one of those iconic brands that crosses generations and demographics. From that little kid down the street who loves a Happy Meal to the biggest super star on the planet to the quarterback playing in Super Bowl LIV, everyone has probably had a McDonald’s meal at some point in their lives.

In the just revealed McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial, the iconic quick service restaurant shows some famous people’s favorite McDonald’s orders. From Kim Kardashian West to Millie Bobby Brown to Patrick Mahomes, what do these famous people order at McDonald’s?

Check out the commercial.

If you have a minute, watch the commercial over and over. While a few of the orders are funny (could the Hamburgler really eat all those hamburgers), it makes McDonald’s relatable.

Granted, guests might not see Whoopi Goldberg or Travis Kelce at your local McDonald’s. Still, that Big Mac and fries is something that everyone knows. There are very few foods, let alone brands, that are so iconic.

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What is your favorite McDonald’s order? What do you think of the McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial?