S’mores Gives Back Initiative, time to give some more back to restaurants

Hershey's S'mores, photo provded by Hershey's
Hershey's S'mores, photo provded by Hershey's /

That classic dessert can bring help to restaurants through S’mores Gives Back Initiative.

S’mores are always a popular dessert and the S’mores Gives Back Initiative looks to support restaurants who are in need a little boost during these difficult times. While everyone might have a preferred way to create perfect s’mores, many restaurant chefs have some tasty and creative recipes that feature those classic s’mores flavors and ingredients. Isn’t it time for a dessert to give everyone a little more?

This year, the restaurant industry has faced uncertain times. While the word “pivot” has seemed to encompass every aspect of the restaurant world, many independent restaurants fear never being able to welcome guests back to their favorite table. Although guests have tried to support businesses in these difficult times, companies can often find a larger way to make a difference.

Today, Hershey’s, Jet-Puffed and Honey Maid are joining together in the program, S’mores Gives Back initiative. With s’mores being the Dessert of the Summer, the brands decided to inspire some dessert creativity through this program.

According to Hershey’s, this year, “Americans have set a record by eating 10M+ more s’mores this year compared to last.” Additionally, “a majority of Americans have made the treat at least twice since most stay-at-home orders began in mid-March.”

Those findings are similar to other reports that show people are craving favorite, nostalgic foods. Whether it is that comforting flavor or gathering the family together to make a classic dessert, it is clear that people are just wanting more of s’mores.

Even though the campfire is the classic way of enjoying s’mores, those three iconic ingredients can blend together to create various desserts. From a layered parfait to cake to even a frozen treat, a s’mores dessert can take on a variety of recipes.

The S’mores Gives Back Initiative asks chefs at local, independent restaurants to share their best s’mores desserts. To participate in this program, post a photo and s’mores recipe to Twitter or Instagram and answer various questions. Complete details, rules and qualifications can be found at http://smoresgivesback.com.

The submissions are open from August 10 through August 24, 2020. Five winners will receive $10,000 towards their business.

For s’mores fans around the country, search for the #SmoresGivesBackContest on socials. If you are able, consider supporting these local restaurants by buying that special s’mores dessert. Sometimes eating dessert first (or just dessert) is allowed when it is for a good cause.

And, maybe all these creative s’mores dessert recipes will inspire your family to get into the kitchen and makes some tasty s’mores treats yourself. Whether your marshmallow is perfectly toasted or charred to the extreme, the fun that you have making that gooey, chocolatey dessert is the best part of each bite.

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Do you have a great s’mores recipe or a favorite s’mores dessert at a local restaurant?