5 cocktail garnishes that make prosecco flavors pop

(Photo by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for De Re Gallery)
(Photo by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for De Re Gallery) /

Looking to make those prosecco flavors pop, don’t forget the cocktail garnishes.

As more people create the perfect at home bar, cocktail garnishes make that sparkling, bubbly prosecco pop. From a burst of citrus to a touch of herbs, there are many ways to elevate that glass of sparkling wine. Ready to pop open a bottle?

For many people, a bottle of prosecco is always chilling in the wine fridge. Whether drunk on its own or used in a cocktail, the sparkling wine has become a popular choice.

Although prosecco is not the same as a French Champagne, the Italian Sparkling wine has many reasons why it is always in season. In addition to the lower cost per bottle, some people prefer prosecco’s flavors. From bolder fruit flavors to even some creamy notes, this sparkling wine has a lot of versatility.

Given the versatility, cocktail garnishes can bring out a lot of flavors in the sparkling wine. Here are a few recommended cocktail garnishes for prosecco.

  • Lemon/lime/orange twists
  • Strawberry slices
  • Cranberries
  • Edible flowers
  • Basil

Thinking about these garnishes, they are part for flavor and part for color. Strawberries and sparkling wine (or cranberries) are classic.

An edible flower is for the pretty visual. Who wouldn’t want a flower floating in her coupe glass?

Lastly, herbs in cocktails are surging. People are looking to bring more savory notes into the cocktail world. Those flavors tend to satisfy in a different way from the traditional sweet flavors.

While a well-stocked bar cart will probably have even more garnishes, gadgets and other items, these garnishes can be quite nice served with a prosecco. From balancing the flavors to bringing out different flavors, it is about bringing something new to the wine flute.


LaMarca Prosecco worked with several cocktail experts to create the perfect bar cart. In addition to cocktail garnishes, they recommended a variety of items. From a good jigger and shaker to a juicer and a muddler, the at home mixologist has a variety of items to choose from.

Personally, I love a great bar tool, like the Microplane 7-1 bar tool. It can cut, zest, and peel a variety of fruits. Plus, it can muddle and even juice. Sometimes, one really good tool can do it all.

Lastly, having some mini bottles or individual bottles of LaMarca behind the bar or in the fridge is always a good idea. Sometimes, a little bottle of bubbles just adds some sparkle to the day and everyone could always use a little sparkle.

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What are your favorite cocktail garnishes? Are you drinking more prosecco these days?